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Exactly this. There should definitely be a way to see the Category an Item belongs to on the Item itself, and there should be a way to see all Items "Not belonging to any Category".

This is partially why I have created a Field in Each Item specifically for Categories as a work around. I have also created several Categories that aren't so Generic (like Password is) to make Searching for them, and listing them easier. e.g. "WebLogin".

You could also use Sub-Categories. e.g. "Category:WebLogin".  It's not ideal, but it will help until a fix is implemented. B|

This will not address "uncategorized" Items though. That's still an issue.


On 2/22/2024 at 4:00 AM, Ivarson said:

@Amandeep Kumar

Any enpass version on any platform. 

The only possibility to see what category an item belongs to, is to see an item directly from a choosen category. 


If you view an item from the All categories view, there's no field or description to correlate the item back to is category. 


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