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Enpass 6.9.4 (795) Mobile (iOS): Default Sort Should List Special Characters at the Top First


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This is something that has been driving me a bit crazy since the beginning. I add Special Characters to the Titles of Items I want to Display above everything else in the List. This works as expected on Enpass Desktop, but on Enpass Mobile the Default Sort puts Special Characters at the Bottom instead.

Please make it so that the Default Sort Lists Special Characters First before anything else.


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The assumed "default" sort of iOS has NOTHING to do with this request. This is strictly up to the Developer. There are lots and LOTS of iOS Apps who sort data lists from Symbol to # to Z.

The sort for Enpass should be uniform across all platforms. It should also be: Symbol to # to Z. B|

I would also add that Apple's idea of a "default" sort is actually by date created / purchased / etc. Just look at your App Store Purchases... total mess.

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On 2/19/2024 at 5:17 AM, Amandeep Kumar said:

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the feature you mentioned. Thank you for providing this feedback, and I have forwarded your request to our development team for consideration. If you have any more suggestions or questions, feel free to share. 


Just wanted to add: that even just adding a Setting Toggle for Users to be able to choose the Default Sort would be Awesome!

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