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[Bug] "Wrong Face ID" and Master password not working

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It happened again. All of a sudden the iPhone app has stopped working. I can't say if it happened because of an app update or later. Whenever I launch the Enpass app, I get a "Wrong Face ID" error message and I am asked the master password. Entering the correct master password won't help.

Please notice that:

  1. Auto fill-in works on the very same device, after sucessfully authenticating me via Face ID! It's just the app itself that can't be launched
  2. I am sure the master password is correct since I use it on two other devices (one iPad and one PC) with success

I have seen a similar problem reported before, for example in

but it was treated as a "I forgot the master password" issue, but it's really a bug: I do know the correct password and there's no reason why Face ID should stop working all of a sudden.

As I said, it happened me already and I fixed by uninstalling the app, re-installing it and re-syncing with the cloud, authenticating me with the master password. I'll probably do it again, but it's kind of annoying.

- Device: iPhone X
- iOS: 12.0
- App version: 5.6.1

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hey @Alberto,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

I've noted down this issue in the bug tracker on the high priority basis. We'll keep you updated if we found anything conclusive.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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