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Easy Access to Credit Card Info on Payment Screens


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Quick feature request.  On my phone (in my case Android), I am often on a website or in an app where I need to put in a credit card to purchase something.  Perhaps a movie ticket or some other online item.  Or I might be setting up a new app that I need to add my credit card too.  When I click the "Fill" button on the Enpass keyboard it of course automatically brings up the login for the app or site I am on.  If I happen to be on the credit card screen I have to search for my credit card by name and then scroll to it.  And I find myself often fighting with the app as it refreshes the password list every time it opens.  So as I move from credit card field to field I sometimes have to search for my credit card more then once.  

So my feature request is:
No matter what app/website I am on, add a additional button to the Enpass keyboard that say, "Fill Credit Card Info".  This button would automatically just bring up my cards and make it easy to select one and fill in the info.

I don't know about everybody else but I find myself doing this 4 or 5 times a week so it would be very helpful.


Loyal Enpass User on 4 platforms.

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