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Can´t view attached images


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If i attach a image to a login most of the times i can right click on it and choose either Save or Open. But, many times i can only Save and am not able to open the attached image. As you can see in the attached image in this forum post Save is the only option i have. I have not yet found a way to reproduce it to 100%.

To solve it when it happens i must under the Primary section click on Attacements to sort out the items that have files attached. When i have done this, i get both options again, iow Save and Open.

This works without flaws in Enpass 5.6.9.



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Same issue here. I repeat hereunder my yesterday's post:

Windows 10 is my operating system on Desktop.
iOS 13.5.1 on iPhone.
Sync using Dropbox.
PDF attachments don't open on the Desktop version, while they open on the iPhone.
When I right-click on the attachment, only the Save option appears, not the Open option. (See picture attached.)
What to do?

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