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A new beta for Android is now available with bunch of new features, bug fixes and quality improvements

Gajender Singh

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On 12/17/2018 at 12:09 PM, Anshu kumar said:

Hey @Captain_Eric

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

I want to share that Last Synchronized and Last Attempt are two different timings. Last Synchronized is the time when the actual syncing of data took place last time and the file was successfully updated on the cloud, while the Last Attempt refers to the time when Enpass looked for any changes in data on cloud (and there might be chances that it didn't find anything to sync and is not matching with Last Synchronized). This is why you see different time stamps for both.

Further, I would like to share that since Enpass 6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with Enpass 6, and not with previous versions. So, to test the sync functionality, you’d need to install the Enpass 6 beta on your other devices as well. 

Hope this helps!

I posted this also on Windows Beta forum as I do not know the best place.


I am facing the same issue as others where I am using Android / iOS and Windows plateform sync on a WebDAV folder on my NAS.

Android and iOS automatically create a folder named "Enpass6-Beta" under the WebDAV folder of synchronization and therefore synchronize with each other.

But the Windows 6 Beta from the Store is creating a "Enpass" folder and therefore it is a different database that cannot synchronize with the other database (used by iOS / Android).

How am I supposed to do? 

Do I have to wait for official release? It has been in beta since 6 months so both database starts to differ quite a bit (and testing a beta means living with it and using it so I do not use the V5 anymore)?

Do I have to wait for the official release for iOS / Android where the folder created will be "Enpass"? Will I have then to rename simply the "Enpass6-Beta" in "Enpass" or is it supposed to be done automatically but therefore conflicting already with the "Enpass" folder from the Windows 6 Beta version?

I am kind of lost...




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