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Enpass does not work on my PC 64 Bit!


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I installed Enpass on a PC with Win7 32Bit. OK
The program and the extensions of browsers work.
I then installed the program on my main computer 64Bits with Windows 7. The program installs but then I different problems.
Browser extensions do not work. Nothing happens.
When Enpass is reduced, it is impossible to get it back.

Note: I use Firefox 64Bits release.

Do you have an idea ?

I tried on another PC 64 bit and I have not had any problems. I do not understand what is blocking?

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Hi @Mandrake

Sorry to hear about your trouble. To diagnose this issue I want a little help from your side. Please follow these steps:

Step 1:

  • Log into Enpass --> Go to Tools --> Settings --> General --> Enable Minimize App to System Tray.
  • Now click (Single click) on Enpass icon in the System tray and check whether it display Enpass mini window.

Step 2:

  • Open Task Manager --> Tap Details --> And check Enpass.exe and Enpasshelper.exe is there?

And also please provide some more details like Enpass version, Antivirus /Firewall/third party network security/ any security related Extension or Proxy are you using.



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Hi Anshu

I found the culprit.
The Enpass program is not recognized by Comodo, its HIPS blocks the process.
There I had to change the rules.
I want to know why "Enpass.exe" and "Enpass helper" need to connect to the outside. I have my firewall alerts.
If I block "Enpass helper" Enpass does not.

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Hi @Mandrake,

Enpass.exe runs a websocket on localhost loopback (not accessible to other machines ) to communicate with EnpassHelper.exe and browser extension. If you block opening of websocket in your firewall, browser extensions are not going to work. Adding a rule in firewall to allow Enpass open a outbound port on localhost will sort out things.

Please see more details here about working and security of browser extensions here.

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