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Empty Titles in Kepass XML Import cause Crashes


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Hello everyone,

not sure if this is just a Deskop@Linux or a general issue.

I want to switch from Keepass to another software and at the moment, I'm giving Enpass a try. So i had to import my Keepass data into Enpass...

My Keepass DB includes

  • ~750 entries
  • custom icons
  • multiple attachments
  • custom fields
  • long histories

But after 29 imported entries the client crashed (I've submitted crash reports).

Long story short, i could debug it to the following: The import crashes if Title fields are empty! After removing the empty entries in my recycling bin and adding titles to the four empty entries left, it worked like a charm. :)

Quite frustrating to start testing Enpass, but my curiosity won ;)

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