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WebDAV server available for testing


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I've set up an ubuntu server with nginx and WebDAV, just like the server that I ordinarily use for syncing my Enpass.  This setup worked fine in Enpass 5, but with Enpass 6 (on both Linux and iOS) attempting to sync just causes the client to crash.


I want to make this server available to the Enpass team for their debugging and troubleshooting effort around the WebDAV crash in enpass 6.  How can I communicate the details?

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@Vinod Kumar - I would like to add to this thread as well.  I use a self-hosted Nextcloud server that I could also make available to the team for testing - if interested. Syncing works fine on the Windows Store client, it's iOS that's the problem.  The initial WebDAV connection and sync work fine, but subsequent syncs fail with error 908502.


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