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Importing from LastPass - "Nothing to Import"

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So I just purchased pro after a glowing review of Enpass that I read online.  I have been using LastPass for at least eight years but I like the fact that Enpass stores passwords locally (and via your own cloud services).

Well, I downloaded the CSV file from LastPass / export to my desktop.  I open Enpass and continue to import but get the error message "Nothing to Import".


I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Wrong error message.
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I have successfully imported the complete vault from Lastpass several times.  The process that seems to work best for me is to do the following:

  1. Export Vault from Lastpass
  2. Select all text and save as plaintext file with ".csv" extension
  3. Open file in Excel (or some other spreadsheet program, Google Docs, LibreOffice, etc.)
  4. Save file as CSV file from inside the spreadsheet software
  5. Import resulting file into Enpass using the Lastpass import type

Every time I have done this I got a complete import of all the data.

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