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Enpass does not load using windows 10 mobile


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I am having same issue. The application crashes immediately after launching from Lumia 640, Win10 mobile. The app works on my Windows 8 laptop.

I have uninstalled and re-installed it, restarted phone also but no luck.

OS Build: 10.0.14393.448, Version 1607.

I have device encryption enabled.

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On ‎8‎.‎8‎.‎2016‎. at 2:14 PM, Hemant Kumar said:

Hello @BBKING,

Thanks a lot for your time in providing enough details for diagnosing the issue. We tested it here and found that the problem comes with the Licensing API while starting Enpass. This happens because of unstable internet connection or no connection leading to failure in validating License of App using Windows Licensing API. And once your License gets invalidated, Windows Licensing API keep crashing followed by crashing of Enpass itself, until the phone is rebooted.

We are introducing a workaround for this (at our end) which will most probably be available in next update. Please bear with us.

Does it happen daily (at least once) and do you think that there might be problem with internet at that time?


I see that the topic is still alive. I can confirm that during last two months I don't have any problems, Enpass does not crash anymore. I have version 5.2.1. I'm glad that you have managed to fix it, I really like the software.

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6 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hi @Malhar1,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Please let me know that what is the default language of your device and since when are you facing this problem, so that I can investigate where the problem could be.

I have English/US.

I don't know if this matters, but I initially downloaded the app on WM10 and added ~10-15 passwords. Then downloaded the app on Win 8 desktop and added ~30-40 more logins. After that I was able to use the app on the phone for few days. But since last 2-3 days the app on the phone has been crashing. the app on the desktop still works great. Is it crashing because the mobile app needs to be *purchased*, but if so I still cannot get in to purchase it.


After uninstalling and reinstalling, I launch the app and it asks me if I'm  a new user or returning user. I select the option to restore data from OneDrive, and app crashes immediately after selecting OneDrive link.

Thanks Anshu for your quick reply.

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