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Update not working

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Trying to update to latest version and every time I request it it fails and says in red

SSL connect error


Very frustrating can i get the latest upgrade sent as a seperate file to download rather than doing it thru the app?

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On my company PC (Windows 10) I have to use a proxy which works well with Enpass 6.0.0 (230) generally.


Enpass now tells me there is an update available, so enpass seems to be able to communicate through the proxy at all:


When pushing the "Jetzt aktualisieren" (update now) button a screen saying "Enpass wird heruntergeladen" (Enpass is going to be downloaded) with a progress bar appears and it says "Keine Internetverbindung" (No Internet connection):


Does the update mechanismn honor Enpass' proxy settings?

How can I update otherwise?






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I cant seem to download it unless from the Windows Store which is also a restricted location for my company.

Surely the latest download link for Windows 10 can be added as a separate download on the enpass site??

I just want a simple download here link or button not a redirect etc


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Could you please send me the link for the update i have been a loyal promoter of enpass but these simple needs are not addressed quickly nor are solutions provided.

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