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Apple Watch > mirror content of vault

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I am very happy with the new release version 6.x. Found a lot of small bugs and sent them to bug@.



Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone


But there is a big wish, I like to see in a further update:

At the moment you have to go to every login item to bring this item to the Apple Watch.

I am missing a simple "mirror vault abc" to the Apple Watch in the preferences.


I have about 190 items and it only takes 900kb disk space.

For the Apple Watch, it is nothing and wouldn't waste any space.


Why I like to see this feature?

Sometimes I am on business trips, holiday, weekend journey and so on. I only take the iPhone and Apple Watch with me.

If my phone gets stolen, I wouldn't be able to use any online services, because I don't know any password.


Beside knowing my master password of Enpass, I also know the login password for my iCloud account.

But without the iPhone it wouldn't be possible to login without a trusted device for 2FA.


With the Apple Watch it would be "annoying" to write a complex password manually to a login form, but it has the value not to be digital lost.


Hopefully, I could explain the intension for my wish… :)


Regards, #PIO

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