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I am very happy with the new release version 6.x. Found a lot of small bugs and sent them to bug@.



Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone


But there is a big wish, I like to see in a further update:

At the moment you have to go to every login item to bring this item to the Apple Watch.

I am missing a simple "mirror vault abc" to the Apple Watch in the preferences.


I have about 190 items and it only takes 900kb disk space.

For the Apple Watch, it is nothing and wouldn't waste any space.


Why I like to see this feature?

Sometimes I am on business trips, holiday, weekend journey and so on. I only take the iPhone and Apple Watch with me.

If my phone gets stolen, I wouldn't be able to use any online services, because I don't know any password.


Beside knowing my master password of Enpass, I also know the login password for my iCloud account.

But without the iPhone it wouldn't be possible to login without a trusted device for 2FA.


With the Apple Watch it would be "annoying" to write a complex password manually to a login form, but it has the value not to be digital lost.


Hopefully, I could explain the intension for my wish… :)


Regards, #PIO

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@Anshu kumar

It would be also nice, to simply add an option "sync favourites to apple watch".

> Apple Watch sync

          x - sync vault A, B, C etc.

          x - sync favourites


I think there is not need for manually selecting items, which should sync to the Apple Watch.

The current way is to much work and very wasting of time to handle the Apple Watch sync.



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Please add this to the wish list.

At the moment it is hard to add an item to the Apple Watch.

Every item has to be selected manually.


A simply option under the Apple Watch preferences:

[x] Sync favorites

[x] Sync vault


That would help that much!


Sync favorites should be the default option, if a user enables the Apple Watch support.



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