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MacOS: Please add QuickLook for attachments (like PDF) in notes


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please enable Quicklook for attached files in notes. 

I would need this to see PDFs or other supported documents attached to notes.


  --> If the attachment is selected and the Space bar (or an eye icon , or right mouse click "show preview"  is pressed, a Ouicklook preview is displayed (like in finder or 1Password)



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Yes, I am very frustrated that it's not implemented yet. At a minimum, support PDF attachments, and the rest later. JPG is the only format currently supported, yet PDF is the industry standard.

I purchased the lifetime license, and was told it is coming, and still, nothing...

Most of our important documents, like proof of insurance, is in PDF format.

It's a must to be able to view these attachments when on the road. Police now accept digital documents, but Enpass does not.

I switched from 1password when they destroyed their product by taking everyone's data for themselves, and removing our ability to have local and cloud vaults.

Yes, it's a bit to get used to when switching from another app, but of all that I tested for several months, Enpass seemed to be the best, with the exception of this one thing. It is no small thing to be able to view our attachments!

I am in the process of trying to get my friends and family off of 1password, to Enpass, and this is really a critical feature!

I will help all I can to get the word out, and get more users switched to Enpass.


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Hi @Fred4

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

Our dedicated team is already aware of this feature request and I would like to inform you that they have investigated its feasibility. This feature request may be included in future Enpass releases even though we have not yet received any specific version updates. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated.


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