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BUG - When duplicating an item, the duplicate includes fields removed from the original

100 Watt Walrus

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Found a weird bug: If you have an Item from which a field has been deleted during an edit, if you then duplicate that Item, the duplicate will include the field that had been removed.  

Steps to recreate:

  1. Add Item > Login > Default
  2. Name the item "TEST," but leave everything else blank (it won't matter)
  3. SAVE
  4. Now open the new item named "TEST" and click EDIT
  5. Click on the name of the TOTP field, and in the field editor, click [DELETE] to remove the field
  6. SAVE
  7. Select "TEST" and CMD+D to duplicate it — this will create an item called "TEST (copy)"

RESULT: Even though "TEST (copy)" is supposedly a duplicate of "TEST" it includes the TOTP field that had been removed from "TEST" before duplication.

NOTE: This happens with any field you remove, I just used TOTP as an example (because I don't know what the hell it is!)

NOTE: This bug does not occur if you remove the field before Step 3 (i.e., while creating the item you will later duplicate). It only happens if you remove a field from an item that has already been saved once.


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