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Upgrade from 5 to 6 Causes Tuncation of Notes


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I was able to work around it by selecting edit and copying out portions of the Note into a notepad until I had the final complete note that I then saved into text file.  I was then able to copy the text from the file and paste it into version 6.  All I can say, darn good thing I had backups.


BTW, version 6 does not have a right click menu in a note to even copy, select all, etc.  If I need to copy a port of the document I can still select what I want and press ctrl+c.  Version 6 also does not seem to have the 255 line limitation.  I have to edit the note in order to using select the document using the mouse and scrolling, ctrl+c, then paste will give me the whole note.  Selecting with the mouse and scrolling does not work unless you edit the document.  This is with the Linux version.  Not sure if the Windows version has this same behavior or not.

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On 2/12/2019 at 1:03 PM, Anshu kumar said:

I have noted down this issue in the tracker and notified the dev team to look into it. Till then we request you to please co-operate with us.

Hi Anshu,

Any news on this issue or indication of when it will be fixed?




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Hi @Anshu kumar,

Just tried with 6.1.0 (407) on Linux; Looks like the max length of a note is about 20 kb. I've got some notes that are larger than that (added with v5), but I cannot really edit them anymore in v6 because the text doesn't fit in the input field.

Not sure what the max length of a note used to be in v5, but imho it should be at least the same in v6. 



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Hello @Garima Singh,

Yes, the problem still persists in recent versions.
I cannot enter more than about 20kb of text in the Notes field. Not on the Linux app v6.3.3 (601), and not on the Android app v6.4.5.368.

Back in version 5, this was possible.



Edited by Guno
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Hey @Guno

Thanks for writing back.

I would like to share that adding the large notes will impact the performance of the app that's why we have limit the length of notes field. If you want to add more than 20Kb text, then you can write in any text editor and attach the same in Enpass. However, you request has already been forwarded to the concerned desk.


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