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Autofill reloads website instead of filling login form


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I'm using Enpass 6 on Linux with Google Chrome (unstable). On some websites, auto filling the login form results in filling in the form and reloading the page instead of posting the form.

Opening the same page on a new tab temporarily solves the issue but after some time it occurs again.

I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the Enpass extension or Chrome.

I also did some debugging:

  • There is no POST request (which is done when submitting the same login form on another tab). The page is simply reloaded.
  • Auto filling in an entry stored for another page results in filling in the user and password from the other page and then loading the other page (e.g. I'm on page A, select an entry for page B from Enpass to auto fill, username and password from page B is autofilled (without submitting the login form) and then the URL of page B is loaded)
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