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Enpass Hotkey Conflict

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I was composing an email and wanted to enter the € (Euro) symbol into the text.
But when I pressed <AltGr>+<E> (same effect than pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<E>), the Enpass Assistant is shown.
I had to close Enpass to be able to enter the € character.

Of cause I can adjust the hotkey manually in the settings.
But IMHO the default hotkey should not be <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<E>.
I think this hotkey is present in the whole European Union (but I an not 100% sure).

Best regards


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I totally agree.

The default hotkey shouldn't be "e".

Or CTRL+ALT+* could be different from AltGr+** (two different hotkey values)

Also the general settings don't tell you that CTRL+ALT+* is the same hotkey.

They don't mention AltGr at all.

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