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1password import only partially completed

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I am moving from 1Password 4.6.2

From the File menu, I choose Export, choose 1PIF format, then put it in a new directory on its own and name it "data.1pif"

It confirms it has exported all 465 of my passwords.

In Enpass, I choose File, Import, 1Password, then point it at the directory that I put data.1pif in.

It confirms it has imported 249 passwords.

So it has failed to import around half of my passwords and hasn't given any errors or reasons why this would be so. Looking at the Enpass vault, I can indeed identify many passwords that are simply missing.

This looks like it has already been reported at 

 but the response there only deals with the "no title" issue (which isn't the problem for me), it does not address the issue of a large number of passwords not being imported at all.



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Hey @davidc,

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

We have tested this issue in our lab and were you unable to reproduce it. However, one possible reason for the problem you are facing might be because of the fact that Enpass doesn't import trashed data from 1password 1pif. 1Password exports vault data as well as trashed data when you try to export all the data in Pif format. But in Enpass we don't import trashed items. I would request you to check if there are items existing in the trash folder? If so please move it to the main vault and then export the data. Also, please let me know on the category of items that are lost so that we can investigate further.

Thanks for your co-operation.


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Hi Anshu,


I have 13 items in Trash so there are still 452 active logins exported. Everything is a Login item, no credit cards or anything.

I have attached some screenshots below but of course I have had to obfuscate some details on a public forum:


249 items imported (the additional 3 are new items I created directly in Enpass, making 252 total):


You can see for example that AAAAAA was not imported.

It looks normal in 1password:


From my perspective, it looks pretty similar to BBBBBB which was imported successfully:


Both have their username and password fields identified, so I don't know what the difference is, or why one is imported and the other isn't.

Here is the JSON from the 1PIF file for both of these entries too (I have obfuscated all sensitive fields with "xxx"):

***xxx[a uuid]***
{"keyID":"xxx[a hex string]","locationKey":"AAAAAA","typeName":"webforms.WebForm","location":"AAAAAA/login","uuid":"xxx[a hex string]","createdAt":1414531293,"title":"AAAAAA","securityLevel":"SL5","openContents":{"autosubmit":"default"},"updatedAt":1414531294,"contentsHash":"xxx[a short hex string]","secureContents":{"fields":[{"name":"login.User","value":"xxx[my username]","id":"loginform-user","type":"T","designation":"username"},{"name":"login.Pass","value":"xxx[my password]","id":"loginform-password","type":"P","designation":"password"}],"htmlAction":"AAAAAA/Login","htmlName":"loginform","htmlMethod":"post","URLs":[{"url":"AAAAAA/login"}]}}

***xxx[same uuid as above]***
{"keyID":"xxx[same hex string as above]","locationKey":"BBBBBB","typeName":"webforms.WebForm","location":"BBBBBB/weblogin.htm","uuid":"xxx[a different hex string]","createdAt":1522174876,"title":"","securityLevel":"SL5","openContents":{"autosubmit":"default","usernameHash":"xxx[a long hex string]"},"updatedAt":1522174876,"txTimestamp":1522174876,"contentsHash":"xxx[a different short hex string]","secureContents":{"htmlForm":{"htmlMethod":"LB1"},"fields":[{"designation":"username","value":"xxx[my username]","id":";opid=__0","name":"sUserName","type":"T"},{"designation":"password","value":"xxx[my password]","id":";opid=__1","name":"sSysPass","type":"P"},{"name":"btnOk","id":";opid=__2","value":"Login","type":"B"}],"URLs":[{"url":"BBBBBB/weblogin.htm"}]}}


Hope this helps track down the issue. I'm surprised it isn't a more common problem as it's happening to fully half my logins!



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Same issue. 2416 items exported, but only 1713 were imported. In one case, of 3 bank accounts listed under "Bank Accounts" in 1P (all from the same bank...!), only 2 appeared under "Finance". The missing bank account was indeed listed in the data.1pif file.

I have tried exporting from both 1Password 6 and from 1Password 7 to the .1pif format. Obtained the same results.

I tried exporting from 1P6 and 1P7 to .csv (selecting export all fields and checking the "Include column labels" option). In both cases Enpass fails to import anything at all.

FYI there were no items in either of the 1Password trashes as I had emptied them prior to the export.

Obviously with 703 passwords/accounts missing, there's no way I can migrate to Enpass as much as I'd want to since I'm hating 1P right now.

I'm using Enpass 6.1.1 build 408 on Mojave 10.14.6


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I migrated from 1Password 6 to Enpass about 2 months ago. I just noticed that 82 items are missing.

1431 items was exported from 1Password 6.

1349 items was imported to Enpass. 

Since I've been updating and adding a lot of passwords during these 2 months, there's no chance I can switch back now. I'm forced to have 1Password installed as well.

I just noticed this when I tried to access a very old hosting account. It's completely missing from Enpass. When I compared the number of items, I have 1423 in Enpass (including the 74 items I've added after I switched) and I have 1431 in 1Password. 


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Same issue. 909 entries with 1Password (6.8.9 Mac). 643 entries imported. Further more only 480 entries are listed after the import. Bought full licence of Enpass but can not use it with this issue. Any solution?


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Hey @Bsee,

Thanks for using Enpass and welcome to the forum.

We had a look at the screenshot link. Please share the following details so that we can check and assist you better:

  • Language of 1Password and Enpass.
  • Versions of 1Password and Enpass.
  • Device and version of macOS you are using.
  • Does 1Password exported data contain any attachment?


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I remember doing an import from 1Password to Enpass about two years ago.

It would only import my logins, not any other information like credit cards, secure notes or passwords.

Hope all that has changed as I am thinking about going back to Enpass.  

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I'm using Enpass 6.6.0 on macos and I find that only 333 of 853 items  of 1password 6.8.9 will import. I also get no errors. What information could I provide to debug this problem? Some of the items that silently fail to import are low-importance passwords and I could provide the .1pif file entries.

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