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  2. Hi, I have some websites that want three fields to log in - so there's username, password and f.ex. last name. I haven't figured out how to make Enpass to autofill all of it. It does a fine job with username and pswd, but leaves the third alone. I've tried to add a data entry to the Enpass entry and label it accordingly, but this produced no results. What should I do?
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  4. The password is definitively correct. I did not create a new vault on the laptop, I am trying to restore directly from the welcome screen.
  5. Hi @Oliver19xx, Please refer to the attached FAQ and if the issue persists revert to us. Thanks!
  6. @zKoci We're happy to know that Enpass is doing its job for your team. Enpass has been free for Linux and with version 6.3.x, Enpass is entirely free for desktops including Windows and Mac(that justifies for the unavailability of any purchase option in the Enpass app ). Also, you get all the features and that too without any limitation.
  7. @Etbron, Make sure that you're using the same password with special attention to the letter-case and special characters. Also, are you trying to sync from the welcome screen or in Enpass after you've already created a new vault.
  8. Hey I like the idea of Enpass supporting Brave browser on Android and see the value of implementing the same with such a vast user's demand. All I can assure of right now is that I'll take this forward from here to the concerned team for consideration.
  9. Hey @Deftoned762 Please run these commands from the terminal and check if Enpass connects with extension: sudo update-desktop-database sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime
  10. all sorted -thank you for your prompt help
  11. @S87, @lammoth We've already reproduced the issue with Ethernet on our Chromebooks. There's a bug with our Chromebook release. Our team is meanwhile looking for a solution to this! We'll keep this space updated as and when we have a feedback from the dev.
  12. I am successfully running Enpass on my PC (Win10), my Android phone and my iPad. Now I did install it on my Laptop (Win10), too. But when I try to restore data from OneDrive Enpass does not accept my password. I assume it is my Master Password the program is asking for - and that is working fine on my other machines until now. Any suggestions or any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any support.
  13. Also note this issue isn't exclusive to Brave, it's *any* app relying on the Accessibility Autofill. For example, I could replicate the same bug with Spotify - Enpass didn't fill the email/password fields like it used to.
  14. @Spooky, Please check your inbox for the resolution. We apologize for the late response.
  15. Das Problem der fehlerhaften Signatur ist jetzt gelöst. Die Verbindung zu z.B. Dropbox funktioniert wieder.
  16. Hi, Our QA team is not able to reproduce the issue can you please let us know if you are still facing the same issue. Thanks for your co-operation.
  17. @stieve, We need to be clear with Restoring from Dropbox. Are you using the cloud sync or are you downloading the vault sync file from Dropbox and then restoring it as a backup file in Enpass? The latter one is not a possibility, moreover, are you trying to restore the data from the Welcome screen of Enpass or within an existing vault? If it's possible for you, please share a screenshot of the error you face while entering the password.
  18. Hi @Yevhen Kushnir, Please follow the steps mentioned in this FAQ and let us know if the issue persists. Thanks!
  19. Hey @MichaelS, Thanks for sharing the details; we've cascaded the same for testing. Could you also please confirm whether you were using any cloud to sync the Enpass data before facing this issue? And, does Enpass demonstrate this behaviour with mobile cellular data or WiFi or both?
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  21. Hi, I have noticed Autofill using Accessibility doesn't work anymore on my Galaxy S10+, after updating to Android 10 / OneUI 2.0. I use Brave browser so I rely on the Accessibility route only, as it is not compatible with the Android Autofill service. I still have another phone on Android 9 / OneUI 1.5, which doesn't have the issue below: When trying to use Autofill on a website, I tap the Autofill notification, the Enpass biometric / login dialog appears normally, I pick the right login account from the list, it switches back to Brave. Normally at this point, it would fill the login fields correctly. On Android 10, this leaves the fields empty, nothing happens. I have tried to remove Enpass from the "optimised from battery" list, then reset my phone's settings, uninstalled / reinstalled both Enpass and Brave... And finally factory reset my phone, nothing worked. Is anyone else having the issue? Don't want to keep manually inputting passwords, switch to another password manager, or browser...
  22. Hello @KateDun Welcome to Enpass forums! Sad to learn the issue with your Mac . I suggest you contact with official Apple Mac support for help on that. If you need any help with Enpass, you could let us know.
  23. Hey @iPearl, Nice to note that you now have access to the complimentary subscription. Write us with your query at support@enpass.io and we'll help you out.
  24. Hello @totkeks, I appreciate you sharing this and posting it over the forums. I've forwarded this to our dev team for further thoughts and inputs. If we have a plan for this, I'll update it.
  25. Hey @lstocky, Thanks for sharing the details over email. We'll look into it and help you with the resolution.
  26. Hey @ttmcmurry, I really like the idea and appreciate the feedback. I can’t make any promises, on whether this gets implemented other than to say that I’ll bring it up with the rest of the team for further consideration. Thanks.
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