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  2. We have new phones. We downloaded the Enpass app on them. We can't access the data we had entered into the app on our old phones. Can anyone offer insight on this? I don't remember if or where we might have indicated to back up data.
  3. @Anshu kumar That creates are separate vault. I am trying to sync passwords, not backup and restore password on all machines I have. Enpass needs to have an option to restore vault from a folder, without having to recreate it.
  4. For whatever reason and a lot of reboots later, it is working again.
  5. Hi, I'm evaluating several password managers, and Enpass made it to the short list. Although I haven't experienced an HTTP 500 error as MarkV described, I have some concerns regarding why it is necessary to append the data in the Enpass6AutoFill token to the query string of the URL. It wouldn't bother me at all if this data would only be accessible to the Enpass Browser extension(s), but a side effect of appending this data to the URL is that it is being sent to the server I'm logging into! The Enpass6AutoFill token looked to be Base64, so I decoded it. It looks to only contain UUID's identifying the records in the Enpass database related to the specific site I'm logging into. Not sure if a malicious or compromised web server could use this information; but regardless, sending any data to a server that is not absolutely necessary is bad security! If I open a new tab in Safari, type http://www.netflix.com without appending the Enpass6AutoFill token, click on the icon for the Enpass Safari extension, double-click on the Netflix entry in Enpass, the username and password is filled in perfectly fine! So I'm not convinced that the Enpass6AutoFill token is required in order for the Safari browser extension to work properly as Ankur Gupta suggests. So before I purchase licensed copies of Enpass for all my devices, why is it absolutely necessary to append the EnpassAutoFill token to the query string of the URL when clicking on the links within the Enpass desktop app? Has the potential of this information being exploited in some way been considered? What measures have been taken to ensure this information cannot be exploited?
  6. Danke, ich dachte ebenfalls, dass ich der Einzige bin. Habe schon alles versucht, deinstallieren, sämtliche Ordner löschen usw., aber gut zu wissen, dass es wohl ein globales Problem zu sein scheint, wo Enpass mal ran muss.
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  8. Hi! Just installed an update 6.3.1 (576) and now login via fingerprint is no longer working. In the settings I see my account with the info Enpass pro - full access - lifetime. In the last setting menu option Extended I restored also my purchases (Einkäufe wiederherstellen). But in menu item security (Sicherheit) I only have the option for a PIN and no fingerprint. Already removed the application and reinstalled it via AppStore.
  9. Same. Dachte erst, es liegt an mir. ^^ Selbst zurücksetzen von Enpass ergab nur, dass die Daten aus iCloud nicht geladen werden konnten. Es ging bei mir definitiv erst heute los mit dem Problem, unter Windows kein Sync mehr, Mac OS und iOS laufen normal. Update: Wir sind nicht alleine. Update2: Mac OS synct (mit 6.3.1) genau einmal und kommt nicht zum Ende. Sieht also genau so defekt aus wie unter Windows.
  10. Since some sdays (maybe 2 weeks) all of my device can't sync with my nextcloud I don't change anything i buy the app on android and all is working perfect before I try to reinstall on some device, the result is now all my data is disappears all my other app which need to connect my cloud work fine What is this error : 907978? Thanks by advance
  11. I am trying Enpass. I have used 1 password for 5+ years but an unhappy that they went to a subscription only based model. I am used to being able to launch my safari browser extension with a keyboard shortcut as it saves having to navigate your mouse to click a physical button. Does this capability exist with Enpass on Mac OS in safari? Adam
  12. Somewhere here I read about this solution how to stop syncing and set it up correctly again: Disable all network connections Restart Computer Enable network ... I cannot remeber the exact procedure thereafter, when to set up syncing again. There was another restart involved. If you browse the entries here, you will find it. It appeared a few days ago.
  13. After launch of Enpass and unlocking the vault, the Synchronization process immediately starts. In my case it syncs to iCloud. But it never finishes, it never stops. Although I restarted Enpass several times and gave it multiple hours, it never stops syncing. It is also not possible to cancel the Sync in order to select a different sync target. Any ideas?
  14. iOS: 11.2.2, iPhone 6, Enpass version 6.3.1 Hi there! I added a new fingerprint and therefore have to enter my master password again. Unfortunately I cant use the input field, because it keeps erasing everything I type. If I type really fast, I can enter two characters before everything gets erased again and the textfield is empty. There seems to be some timer at work. Maybe it's the system keyboard trying to be smart and getting a saved password. Pasting a password is not working either. Anyone had this problem? Is there any other way to unlock the app? Thx in advance!
  15. I have been using Enpass for a number of years now. However within the last few months (I can't pin it down more accurately than that, sorry), the browser extensions lose connection with Enpass after I suspend/sleep my computer. When I first boot in, the browser extensions work fine. If my computer is suspended and then woken, I get the below connection error. This happens with both Firefox and Chromium. Enpass does correctly pop up when the browser extension tries to connect but then it's like it can't see Enpass at all and eventually times out. I have tried restarting the browsers - no difference. Restarting Enpass - no difference. Restarting browser and Enpass doesn't work either. The only way I can get around it is by rebooting my computer (and making suspend pointless). Both Enpass and the browser extensions are up to date. I'm on Arch Linux (x86_64 Linux 5.3.13-arch1-1 kernel) with Deepin Desktop, Firefox 70.0.1 (and Chromium 78.0.3904.108).
  16. This issue got fixed when I upgraded to iOS 13
  17. Seit mehreren Wochen klappt die Synchronisierung mit iCloud und der Desktop-App nicht mehr! Authorisiert ist alles und auf dem iPhone funktioniert die Synchronisierung auch, warum nicht am PC? Somit ist ein paraleller Gebrauch unmöglich!
  18. Last week
  19. come to think of it, updated URLs for auto filling are also not stored from the share sheet. My Enpass is configured to use WebDAV for synching, in case that matters.
  20. Go to a new website When registering, open the Enpass overlay via the share sheet Create a new account / generate a password The account will be registered with iOS (Safari will offer it), but it won't be stored in the Enpass database The created password will not show up in the password history iPhone XS / iOS v13.2.3 Enpass v6.3.1 (410) Enpass is the only enabled password manager on the system This is a very annoying bug and one with data loss.
  21. Hello, I have multiple different devices where I use Enpass. On my iPhone as an example the sync via iCloud works perfect and syncs within 2 seconds. For my three PCs I press sync and it just loads for more than 30 minutes and nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall the program, then it downloads data from the cloud at installation, but then same issue when syncing after that. Is there anything I can do? Thanks! Filip
  22. When I login there is an option to upgrade my purchase to the new features ( easier login and create your own icons) The issue I am having is when i try to register I am getting an error message no internet connection.
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