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  2. Hey @Garima Singh For the test, I tried to restore the vault as a single vault or in a multiple-vault configuration as the primary vault or as a secondary vault. Always with the same result that Enpass asks for a key file during recovery. With all other devices, regardless of whether macOS, iOS or Windows, I was able to recover this vault without a key file in the past. Now it seems that Enpass via Rosetta on M1 devices requires a key file for this vault, although the vault can be used on all other devices without a key file. What else can I try? Is it possible to activate the key file for testing on another device for the vault and then deactivate it again to check whether it then works without a key file on the M1? Thanks for your support.
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  4. @Garima Singh I guess you didn't understand the request. The problem is described in the following scenario: Unlock Enpass on a computer (PC, Mac, Linux) Edit an item or add a new one Save the item Pick up a smartphone (Android, iOS) Open an app and select "Login with Enpass" option Here, if the item was edited in step 2, it will be outdated. If the item was created in step 2, it will not show up on Enpass pop-up. That happens because the Enpass app on iOS and Android only syncs up when the main app is opened, not when its assistant is. I guess the same would happen if Enpass Assistant on a browser was used on a computer, without opening the main app window. What is being asked here is for the Enpass Assistant (on a browser as well as on mobile phone app) to trigger an auto-sync when opened.
  5. I don't understand this feature request. Microsoft accounts are compatible with 6-digit TOTPs that Enpass generates. I use it for all my Microsoft accounts (personal, work, school). If Microsoft Authenticator generates another pattern for TOTPs (such as aforementioned 8-digit), that's a completely different question: it's a Microsoft app that uses a specific standard. I suggest @PepeCZ to simply disable 2FA on the MS Account and set it up using the option for a generic app (typically they relate this to a Google Authenticator icon), it's all compatible.
  6. I just got a new video card and did a re-image of my system and now Enpass doesn't recognize onedrive at all! Any chance you folks could integrate something like Synology Drive functionality? Similar concept but I like the personal cloud aspect. I'll try onedrive one more time after I clean up everything on there. From the looks of it, it was trying to create a Enpass1 folder with the settings on my onedrive.
  7. How to remove security risk warning?
  8. Ianjasp5151


    I have created an incorrect tag. How do I delete it.
  9. Hello, This problem is on iPad under iPadOS 14.3. Surprisingly I don't see the bug anymore. So it works again. Thank you I enclose the screenshot of the bug that was found. best regards
  10. Hi! I'm knowing and using Enpass on my office computer and now I want to use it in private too. I want to buy a One-time licence because I don't like subscriptions. Also I would like to provide Enpass to my wife, so she can use it on her own. Is this possible with the One-time licence? Thanks a lot for answering!
  11. I am also experiencing the same problem with the Enpass extension not logging in a cPanel Webmail account. Is there any progress on fixing this? Thank you.
  12. Software bugs or incorrect settings may cause this problem. Just like my iPhone Touch ID did not work before.
  13. help! Iphone12 migration I am having a similar problem. Having migrated from my iphone 11pro to new iphone12pro, the enpass app asks for master password which I did not set, I was using facial recognition to access the app on my iphone11 but I am not getting this option on the new iphone yet my facial recognition is already set on my phone. Please assist.
  14. Hello, thank you for this, where and how can i find when new extension is released? thanks
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  16. Hello, Up until Dec 25th 2020 my wife's iPhone XR was able to sync successfully with my webDAV server, no issues. I noticed it has not been syncing lately, instead giving me an error of no internet connection, which was absolutely not true. I wiped and reinstalled enpass, starting over, and now it just says my username or password are wrong... They're not. For whatever reason the iPhone simply will not sync even though no server/webDav/network settings have changed. Thoughts?? This is super frustrating. Additionally now my iPad will not connect either - saying No Internet Connection... It appears something might be off with Apple products or an iOS update? I've not had this issue in years, and suddenly now I do. Thanks!
  17. Hi @Pratyush Sharma;, I installed the traditional Win32 version of Enpass on your Windows. It seems to work correctly, the problem manifested above seems solved. Can you tell me what is the difference between the win32 version and the one on the windows 10 store? Thanks
  18. Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Thanks for your hint that Enpass is just using the system wide root certificate store. It seems like all browsers on all my "not working" devices have own CAs built in so it just works. I then tried to figure it out using a connect of openssl on my ubuntu 20.04 machine and discovered that my server was sending the wrong (old) intermediate certificate. So the browsers seem to "know" the intermediates already and trust them while the root devices obviously do not. After changing my QNAP NAS to use the correct new intermediate, it works like a charme again. Thank you! BRs, hummels151
  19. Thanks for your response, this is what we have done. The issue is that the when my admin team try to unlock Enpass again, it sometimes wont accept their master password and instead requires the master password of the person who created the vault. I have the same issue with a secondary vault in that when Enpass locks after a period of downtime, my pin or master password won't unlock it and it requires the password of the vault.
  20. Hi @hummels151, Thanks for sharing the details. We only use a system certificate store, so anything supported by your OS should work with Enpass seamlessly(at least in theory). It would be helpful if you could confirm compatibility across browsers on all platforms you're using Enpass on, e.g., Firefox/Chrome/Safari with Linux/Windows/OSX/iOS/Android. We also noticed this line from the recent LetsEncrypt blog - Meanwhile, we issued our root certificate ("ISRG Root X1") and applied for it to be trusted by the major software platforms." Maybe the mentioned platforms are missing this certificate in their root cert store? Upon looking into some forum threads, we found that some browsers are temporarily using a workaround to get past it. Rest assured, we'll be testing this scenario and will keep you updated. Thanks for your co-operation.
  21. Hi @Andreas Treitz, Welcome to the forums! Please let us know if you can launch the app via Running as an Administrator and which OS version you are running. Also, make sure your OS is up to date.
  22. Hi @Clamsy, Please share the following information so we can further investigate: Which model of the iPhone and the iOS version are you using? Which Enpass version are you using? Let us know if you are trying to Sync Primary vault or Secondary vault? Thanks for your co-operation.
  23. Yubikey-support is mandatory for me as well. Currently, I only use Enpass for storing TOTP-codes, and my first factor passwords are stored in a kdbx with Keeweb, which has excellent yubikey support and crossplattform for desktops.
  24. I am using Enpass on the following devices: Android 10 QKQ1.190825.002, Enpass (sync only working when SSL verification ignored) Ubuntu 20.04, Enpass 6.5.1 (723) (sync only working when SSL verification ignored) Win10 Pro 10.0.19042, Enpass 6.5.2 (724) (just checked it again and surprisingly the sync was working with SSL verification) So currently it looks like the linux based devices are facing the issue. When configuring without verification, got the following: On Android I even got the error code 904060. When I check "ignore verification of SSL certificate", it works like a charme: The WebDAV in Browser is working certificate-wise, but there is a known problem with the QNAP NAS WebDAV, that opening it in a Browser will result in "Forbidden". When I test it in my Nautlius with davs://.... it works very well, as you can see here: I hope the information are helpful and you can figure out what is happening here. BRs, hummels151
  25. Hi @Giuliano, We have sent you a personal message . Please check your inbox. Thanks!
  26. Hi @Phil FR, Sorry for the trouble you are facing. If I have understood you correctly, you are facing this issue in your desktop device? If the problem persists please uninstall the browser and install it again. Please revert to us with the answer to the following queries and we will get it sorted out for you: Which browser are you using? On which device are you using Enpass? Which Enpass and Enpass extension version are you using? Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? Are you using any Antivirus or third-party security-related extension?
  27. Hi, since the last update form Windows i can't start and reinstall enpass. I had the message that the App couldn't start because it has no admin rights. In the time before everything are working fine. I have sent an email to the support but without any reply from the support team.
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