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    What's up everyone. So, I've just installed version 6 on all my devices. I understand it's a first release after major rewrite, although it's slightly shameful there are so many issues which could've been addressed in beta. First of all - Folders. I'm not gonna join the "bRinG FOLdErs BaCK REEEEE" circlejerk. I honestly like the concept of tags. Assuming it's well implemented. Which it isn't. It took me at least 15 minutes to figure out how to use subtags. The "Parent tag:Sub tag:Secondary subtag" syntax is so random and un-intuitive I would've never guessed it, have there not been for previously converted subfolders, now subtags. I'd still be trying adding 3 separate tags for each level or just trying stuff like "Parent tag/Sub tag/Secondary subtag" or whatever. This issue however lies more deeply. Tag cloud is in no way supported by autocomplete. Simply adding suggestions like when I type "devel", it'd suggest tag "Development" would save the situation. You know, like tags work EVERYWHERE on the internet. I have around 20 tags set up, each one had to be manually written in the input field. There's no freakin' drag'n'drop functionality to drop a single or multiple items to attach a tag. This really needs to be addressed. Then there's a random list of bugs I've also encountered: 1) macOS - the app keeps randomly resizing to default window size (which is freakishly small) 2) the all items list (or any other list) keeps randomly refreshing. I have a suspicion this is related to syncing (I'm using WebDAV). I'm scrolling down the list of about 100 entries and the list randomly refreshes, returning back to the top of the list.This is on macOS too. 3) overall lack of drag'n'drop - this was summarized in the "tags" rant at the beginning of this post, but it just feels weird. I've trashed several of my entries by accident (used to "backspace" being an archive shortcut, not trash). I honestly thought "iz okay Numline1, you'll just select them all and drag and drop them into the archive folder". Well, fuck me, that's not happening. Some folders seem to be able to do drag and drop, but it's so random. Now, just so I don't seem like "random bitchy internet user", I have to say, there are some bright sides. The new UI is lovely and a welcome change. The WebDAV sync with Nextcloud finally works (although it's sad we had to wait until next major release for that). The multiple vault feature is nice as well. Anyway, thanks for reading this, I really hope some of this stuff gets fixed and improved in upcoming weeks!
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    Hi, Version 6 of Enpass has given us the ability to attach objects. I would like to suggest a feature whereby one can embed an Enpass object within another. For example I have an Enpass Bank account object. Into it I would like to be able to embed the Cards and accounts issued by the bank. Each object can be viewed on its own as well as from the linked objects. Thanks
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    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team. Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product? Thanks, Gili
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    Hi @mushroom_daddy, The vulnerability you quoted had been resolved (remediated). Please see page no. 5 of audit report. Thanks.
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    one time for a password by starting the app is fine. But clicking every time on the face to "activate" the fingerprint function is not state of the art.
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    Hi @frank-de-cologne, Some users are reporting issues regarding "entries not filtered by url" in extension and this issue is certainly related to that. We are on it. Thanks.
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    There is a feature in Enpass 6 which lets me exclude certain characters when creating new passwords. This is a great feature so please never take it away from me. What I would like to see is another input box added which would allow me to specify which characters to include when creating a new password. This would make it easy for websites which say do not use these characters and those which say you can only use these characters.
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    This is true, but you are still required to enter your password the first time after power up. I would like to be able to use ONLY my fingerprint.
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    Hi @GoodbyeEnpass and @tgcrypt, Please help me understand what is wrong with security audit. Why you think it is not complete. We gave full source code access to audit company. Enpass is a offline password manager, so risks are always lower by nature and attack vectors are always local. One can't execute remote attacks on it. Thanks.
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    If Windows Hello is enabled, please use Hello as the default authentication method. Currently, I need to tap the little face icon first - one step too many. Thanks!
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    The dark theme in 6 Beta is now a Pro feature. Dark theme is not a fancy or fashion style change, it is an accessibility feature for those who have trouble with bright screens. As it will relieve those having trouble with bright screens, please add this feature to the standard functionality of Enpass. Thanks
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