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    Thank you all for the help! I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.0 LTS my sources.list.d entry is deb https://apt.enpass.io/ stable main I was able to successfully install after I removed the 2 lines from the sources directory and ran the install for root. I'm puzzled as to how they got there in for first place but that's too much thought for right now. All is good! Thanks
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    Understood. Thanks! Suggestion: Reverse chronological, so the one you just added is right there on top, and you don't have to scroll to reach it.
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    Hi @Mussie, Welcome to the forums! To set an expiry date to the password in Enpass, click on the Password Field from the Edit screen → Select Expire after → Enter the number of days → Save the field → Save the item. For more details have a look at our user manual.
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    Hi @Writer, Welcome to the forums! That's strange! We will notify the McAfee team about this false detection. Could you please share the McAfee product Name, DAT version and the engine version. Until then, you can try excluding Enpass from McAfee detection.
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    Hi, Currently, your app includes date info when it was created and updated, but it would be great if the date field is searchable. I'm mainly interested to know when it was updated last and if it has not been updated, say for 90days, I would like to flag those for action. Better yet -- if you can allow the user to set an expiration date and generate a report for the list of entries that have expired, that too would be helpful. thanks, Mussie
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    Hey Enpassians! We hope you are doing great and making the most of your time. The latest Beta v6.5.0 for on Windows Store comes with the ever-awaited "full-time Windows Hello" support. You can enjoy continuing using Windows Hello even after the system or app restarts. Go ahead and put your bio-metrics to test with the new feature. What's New: · One of the most requested features— "Full-time Windows Hello support" is here. Now you need not enter the master password after the system/app restart. · Added an option to delete the unnecessary fields from the saved web forms. Navigate to the 'Show Webform' on the detail page of the item. Fixes: · Fixed an issue where some of OneDrive users were getting a password-mismatch error as "Password of data on OneDrive is required." Now fixed. Affected users first need to delete data from OneDrive (option to delete data is present while disconnecting the sync from the cloud). · Few of our users reported an error code 1208400 while syncing with OneDrive. · The issue where the order of the fields is getting shuffled for a custom template on syncing with other devices. · An issue where custom icons display as black. · Fixed an issue where the deleted items were visible under associated tags. · Squashed a bug with CSV importer. · Instead of the word TOTP, Enpass now uses the terminology One-time passwords. · The issue with URL marked as private did not mask. · Some of the keyboard shortcuts were not working consistently in Enpass assistant. · The cloud icon didn't display on the vault list. Get your hands on this beta version and share your valuable feedback. If there are other improvements you'd like to see, please leave a comment below. Cheers!
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    Sections headings are no longer able to be deleted in items. This was possible previously. I am using build 701
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    Looks good on my side as well. Everything between colleagues via nextcloud seems to sync correctly again.
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    v6.5.0.707 works fine for me on Debian 9, thanks!
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    @Garima Singh@Pratyush Sharma Now enpass Works on Debian 9!! Thanks!!
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    Hi @SR68503 & @woodyb12, We've released an updated version of Enpass for Linux platform in which we have fixed this issue. Could you please update the app to the latest version and let us know if you're still encountering the same issue with the app? Thanks for the co-operation.
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    golfball – As a bit of further info. Images work best if square or inside a square frame. Try to keep images at around 600 x 600 or smaller. Jpeg or png can be used if app theme is white, if app theme is black, png images look the cleanest. GIMP image editor is very effective at converting ico files (common for logos) to a png file and place rectangular logos within a square frame so it's correctly displayed within Enpass. I’ve attached an alternative transparent Google logo as an example.
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    Hey @winfield We regret the inconvenience. Firstly, there is an issue with OneDrive sync that has been identified at our end. The fix for it will be available pretty soon when we release a new update for Enpass on Windows and Mac. For futher clarity on the issue, please share the below details: Which Enpass version are you using on each device? Which cloud are you using? @Diogo Paschoal If you are facing the error while syncing with a cloud account, then let us know which cloud you are using. Thanks.
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    I had that error for the first time today (Windows 10, Enpass 6.4.3, OneDrive). Out of nowhere sync failed. Here is what I did: made a lokal Backup on my WIndows 10 Computer looked directly in OneDrive: There where 2 Folders: "Enpass" and "Enpass 1" made a backup of both in zip Files disconnect sync with doption to delete sync file on one drive (to look which of the folders would be erased: "Enpass 1") deleted remaining folder "Enpass" directly in OneDrive created new sync connection with one drive sync Everything was immediately back to normal: there was no need to do anything on the other devices, no reset, no disconnection, nothing all other devices could immediately sync, as if nothing ever hapened My conclusion: Enpass simply corrupts the sync file on the server, for whatever reason
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    Thank you so much!! Always missed that
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    Glad to hear it is being worked on. =) Enpass is already perhaps the most polished password manager for linux and adding a cli client would make it trivial to implement a autotype feature for linux desktops.
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    Thanks guys for your help. The Google backup data had my previous password for Enpass and I was able to enter the right one and now syncs with the newer password. Thanks again for your help. These are the steps I took in the newly installed Windows 10 OS system when I had to add Enpass: 1. Download Enpass for Desktop 2. Logon to Enpass. 3. Downloaded old Enpass data from Google Drive 4. In Enpass I added the backup data (which might or might not have the same current Enpass word, try the older as well as the newer one, in my case it had the older password). 5. Then clicked the sync option in vault settings. Hope this helps. Thanks.
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    Thanks, I will try it out.
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    Hi @Pratyush Sharma, Rebooting is not a viable option, because then I'd have to reboot 20 times a day. After every reboot Enpass works once or twice, and then no longer. Device: Lenovo Ideapad, with Ubuntu 20.04 Enpass: 6.4.1 (643) Extension: 6.4.0 Browser: Firefox 80.0 / Chromium 85.0.4183.83 / Vivaldi 3.2.1967.47 All browsers exhibit the same behaviour. No anti-virus installed. Earlier today I sent a GIF of how the problem looks to @Garima Singh. Let me know if you need more info.
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    Thanks for looking into this.. As a disenfranchised 1Password user, I rely on Enpass for my Android, Windows, MacOs, and Linux systems. It meets or exceeds all my needs syncing with Google drive for security. The model the 1Password switched to... central depository of all users data, encrypted or not , is far too alluring for hackers. I prefer your decentralized approch to user data.
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    Hi @mschuppx1, You have mistakenly stored signing verification key file in apt sources directory. Remove invalid files with these commands on terminal and run apt update thereafter: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enpass-linux.key sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wget-log Cheers:)
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    Oops. That one's on me. Apologies! /slinks away sheepishly
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    5 Days later, no new information... Not even a explaination what is wrong or what your team has to fix.. or atleast how long it will take... This is a no go... some of us use enpass for buisness.... As it looks like we cant trust enpass..
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    I usually use a keyboard short to open Enpass Assistant. With time it becomes natural and handy. In rare cases I also do that because I want to modify or duplicate an item on the list (which is not supported from the Assistant). So in the Assistant I find the item I want to modify, and press the Command + E key combination to open the main window. And for me it seems natural that the item that I already found in the Assistant should be selected in the main window that opens, but it isn't. Would you consider a change here? Thanks!
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    I wasn't able to get it to work using the Infineon TPM 2.0 module on my Asrock board, despite using the latest firmware. Also tried clearing the TPM and setting everything up from scratch (Windows Hello, Bitlocker TPM and so on...). I also noticed that the event log throws a Certificate Error on each boot regarding the TPM attestation, saying that the public and private key are not cryptographically bound. Most likely this is also the problem that leads to the failed check which Enpass is calling. However, I was able to fix the problem - by removing the Infineon TPM module and putting the Nuvoton TPM module back in (my board vendor Asrock is actually selling two versions of the TPM 2.0 module - one made by Infineon, the other made bei Nuvoton). This fixed both the event log errors as well as the ability of Enpass to use full-time hello. For people thinking about how to achieve a compatible combination of Enpass, Hello and TPM, I attached a screenshot showing my TPM properties and firmware version.
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    The idea of a Whatsapp GB group or a Telegram group is a great idea.
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    So, sorry for that. I really tried it several times yesterday without success. Five minutes ago i tried it again and now it's is working Thank you for the update
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    Hey @100 Watt Walrus Thanks for sharing this. We've been able to reproduce the issue on our system. We'll keep you posted on the updates.
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    Don't see an option to remove topic.... I messed up and question wasn't valid.... Deleted text. Sorry!
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    Ok thanks. Working with keyboard shortcut i dont like this. Roboform or Bitwarden fill every field without keyboard shortcut too. I hope Enpass can do this too in the Future,
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    I would also really love this feature. Steam has to be one of my most annoying 2FA accounts.
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    Hey @Garima Singh I just want to let you know that I resolved my issue by simply copying over all the relevant files from the other Linux host. Although I'm not any longer affected, probably someone should investigate the backup restore issue. Thanks for your help. Cheers
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    Tried again, and now it should be in your inbox on this forum
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    Hi Garima, I have given up trying to resolve this problem and have reinstalled Windows. Problem solved! Thanks anyway for your help.
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    Unfortunately I can just try it out on Friday. I will contact you then
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    Hi Garima, it totally slipped my mind that my iPhone runs with beta iOS14. After Apple provided another upgrade this weekend, the WebDAV sync works again. Can't explain why this only hit Enpass while all the other apps were working, but I truly apologize. Everything is fine now! Best, zyg
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    Me too. Samsung Galaxy S20+ Enpass
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    Hi Pratyush Thanks for your answer. My first problem was to find your latest version : major issue since I was clicking on the first link that your download page offers, that is thru MS Store. They have never been able to help me ! They even made me create a new account stating that, since I had already installed one version under an account, I needed to create a new one. Pityfull... Then I found that there was a way to download it directly from your side as you mentionned, which I hadn't seen since I needed to scroll down. Silly me and also pityfull. Everything went right from then on (even though I couldn't follow the steps described in your mail since it asks me right at the end of installation process to sync). So everything is fine, thank you again. Dominique
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    As mentioned in this thread, this is an issue since March. Now it's the end of August. Still without any solution. I am also thinking about to switch the password manager... Its a pitty, because since this issue I was a satisfied enpass pro user.
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    2FA is not snakeoil. Its purpose is to protect people in case of infected client computers. If keyloggers, viruses or packet sniffers steal your password, they can't just use it to log into your account.
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    Thanks for the suggestion @Pratyush Sharma! Right now I'm just happy to have a working Enpass again, I'll give it a rest for now...
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    Hi, I'm loving Enpass, does everything I want it to do, thanks everyone :) My only issue is that sometimes it takes a long time to auto- sync. I'm using Folder Sync between multiple devices, and the vault files are updating immediately when an item is added or edited, but it takes a long time (up to 10 minutes) for Enpass on another device to auto-refresh, even when it's left open and on top of other apps. (I'm using version 6.4.2). It's nothing to do with my network, it's definitely Enpass not auto-refreshing for some reason. So, to be safe, I manually sync Enpass when I move to a different device to make sure it is current. It would help if you could add a Sync button to the top menu, which would act as a visual reminder and also be a bit quicker than opening the vault settings window. Many thanks for your great work.
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    Hi @Enpass_account @Pete, Due to security reasons, when any action is performed in device Biometric( like new Biometrics registered or removed), we internally disable the Biometrics from Enpass. As you mentioned, This seems an OS-specific issue, and we can't do much about it. Thanks!
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    Hi @penarcher, We're happy to read your feedback and are glad to know that it solves your purpose! A quick-sync button will definitely be a cool add-on in the app. I'm taking this forward for discussion. Who knows, we might implement this sooner or later! Thanks for your suggestion.
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    Hi @Dominique65 What version of Windows are you running on the second PC? The latest Windows downloadable executable is listed as 6.4.2, but I cannot test this personally as I am running Linux: https://dl.enpass.io/stable/windows/setup/
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    Hi, it would be good to add in the autofill feature of Enpass for Android, the support for the new Vivaldi browser (still in beta). It currently works, but websites are not recognized, I manually need to search for them in the password store.
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    I had a very strange problem happen today. I noticed that Enpass was no longer syncing with OneDrive. When I told it to sync, it seemed to connect to OneDrive OK, but then said the (master) password on the file was incorrect. This was a bit strange because I had not changed the password on the file. I checked the Enpass client on several PCs plus my mobile device and they all had the same issue. However the local copies of Enpass still allowed me to get in with the same master password that I have always used and that should have been on the file up on OneDrive. I tried manually entering the master password so that it would start syncing again and it still said the password was wrong. When I clicked on the Help button, it said the password had been set about two years ago on one of my PCs (a PC that I recognized). In other words I don't think the file was "hacked" and the password changed otherwise the last time the password changed would have been more recent. Additionally I use a unique password with my Microsoft Account and also use 2 factor authentication, so its very unlikely that my Microsoft account got hacked and my Enpass file somehow compromised. I ended up resolving the issue by disconnecting the OneDrive sync, deleting the Enpass file on OneDrive, and then telling it to sync back to OneDrive. Any idea what was going on here? Why would it all of sudden think that the password on the file on OneDrive was bad?
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