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  1. 23 minutes ago, Avogadro said:

    It only concern apps on the play store, please don't take off the autofilling and offer the .apk directly on you website without going on play store.

    Others actors of passwords managers apps are also concerned, even paid services like Dashlane so I think you should not leave besides this very important functionality.


    I prefer to return with google smart lock rather than copy paste my login and passwords each time.

    I don't think manually installing the .apk is a good long-term solution.

  2. Hello.

    I just heard that google will ban apps that use accessibility-services unless they follow Google’s guidelines.

    "The company is informing developers that if their application uses an Accessibility Service for any reason other than assisting users with disabilities, then they must remove the use of this permission within 30 days or their application will be removed from the Play Store. Failure to abide by this requirement can result in an infraction against a developer’s Play Store account, which can eventually lead to account termination."  https://www.xda-developers.com/google-threatening-removal-accessibility-services-play-store/

    That's a big problem. What does that mean for the future of enpass autofill?

  3. 1 hour ago, intuxikated said:

    currently the autofill option on Enpass constantly scans the screen for fields to complete, and only displays a notification when it finds one
    you could also implement it differently: not scan the screen all the time, but keep a persistent notification in the notification tray. so the app only scans for fields to fill in when someone clicks the notification on the screen.
    this would greatly reduce strain on the cpu, eliminate scrolling stutter/lag and improve battery life.

    I like that idea!

  4. 2 hours ago, Peter L said:

    2 devices purchase

    I have an android smartphone and a tablet. Do I need to buy one license as they are just one platform- Android. Or do I need 2 licenses? Thanks

    If both (it's not limited to two) devices are logged in with the same Google Account you just have to buy one licence.

  5. 2 hours ago, Ivarson said:

    Spoofing a site to Enpass should be easy, because it's not built to_verify_ the identity of a host, only to filter out a match that's as accurate as possible . Always check the certificate and hostname before using autofill. 

    But only the items with the same domain name are shown.

  6. 18 hours ago, Pelle said:

    1. Put check boxes in front of digits, symbols and uppercase to quickly enable/disable.

    2. Make the categories into ranges to allow for more varied password generation. Not sure how much entropy this would actually add, perhaps it is a perception issue that static numbers for the different categories is bad.

    3. Perhaps under options have the possibility to edit which special characters should be valid for use (with a reset to default button). 

    For 1 and 2 see my excellent paint skills here, the green scribbles are supposed to be checkboxes :-)



  7. 5 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

    Hi @Tobias S.

     Sorry to hear about trouble. Please provide some more details so that we can investigate further:

    • Have you enabled quick unlock PIN in Enpass?
    • Are you facing this problem frequently or under any specific condition?
    • When you open Enpass app manually (without using browser extension) are you getting the same error message?



    • Yes quick unlock is enabled.

    • No this happened the first time.

    • I don't know because it happened the first time.

    I have no other info but I thought it would be better if I tell you about it.

  8. On 29.9.2016 at 8:33 AM, Anshu kumar said:

    Hi @tox1c90,

    Sorry to hear about your trouble and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are looking into this issue and we will try to fix this issue asap. Till then please bear with us.


    This problem has been around for months. It occurs on all of my devices. Even my colleagues have it. I don't understand why it's not fixed yet. That's not an individual case.

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