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  1. Enpass v5 was fast and snappy both on Android and Desktop, but v6 is still really sluggish for me (both on Android and Desktop)
  2. Log into Google Drive in your browser > click the gear icon > then "Settings" > the "Manage Apps". Enpass v6 stores the data here in the private application data space. This is what broke my cross platform sync as my Mac was syncing to a file in my Google Drive and my phone was syncing directly to the private Drive application space -- causing the Enpass databases to diverge. This said, ENPASS should allow people the OPTION to sync to either the private application space or to a file in drive (just like v5 did)
  3. This seems like an appropriate thread the air my grievances Enpass 6 feels like a failure to me as well. My upgrade process wasn't as complicated as some of yours, but unfortunately sync between my Mac and phone is now broken. Syncing between devices is the most basic feature that a password manager must support and its completely not working now! Also, lets talk about design for a minute. The Mac app honestly looks really bad to me. The v5 version wasn't gorgeous, but it was very functional and it just worked. The v6 app feels like some weird port from some other OS AND --not t
  4. I'm having the same problem with my android. I can no longer sync between my phone and desktop. And despite what some may like, I actually think the new look is kind-of ugly for Android. The app feels way less performant, search is slow, and the UI feels really cluttered now. It just doesn't feel like the smooth clean Android app we had in v5. UI wise, I might be able to hold my breath and deal with it, but not being able to sync between my phone and the cloud really kills the usefulness of Enpass all together
  5. I'd love the option to disable "Enpass" from appearing in the context menus of browser extensions (chrome). Most extensions offer this option. I'd love to see this added to the enpass options page.
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