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  1. The only chance from my point of view is to create new vault with a new password within your enpass app on your smartphone and then to copy manually each entry of your existing vault to the new vault. After this create a backup of the new vault, move the backup file to your new mobile phone or windows 10 system and create a new vault from this backup file. I didn't test this before, but its worth a try.
  2. After I restored my database from a json-backup, most of the custom icons were present in the individual password entries, but not in the list for custom icons. Some icons were missing, so I had to upload them again. These newly uploaded icons are now all displayed in the list, but not the ones which were restored from the backup correctly. In the moment I didn't reach the former limit of app. 60 icons displayed (because only the new ones, which I had to upload again are displayed) Since I administrate also the computers of my wife and my sports club, I have sometimes more than one logins to the same pages. If you want to reuse an already existing icon, but cannot access it, the only possibilities are either to upload the same icon a second time or to copy and modify an already existing entry. Nonetheless should all loaded and restored custom icons of the database displayed properly in the list, so I can select them for a new entry or delete them, if they are not used any more.
  3. Dear Enpass Team, this issue is still not solved until now and it is present on all platforms I use currently (Windows 10, MacOS Monterey, iOS 15 an iPadOS 15). If you use a lot of custom icons, you have no possibility for maintaining them. Since my database grew to more than 12 MB, which have to be transferred with every sync, I decided to try shrinking the database by exporting all entries and re-importing them to a new database. This shrunk the database by more than 50% to app. 5.5MB. Afterwards, I encountered the following problems: a) only a subset of the custom icons was shown after this procedure. Some had to be re-imported for the individual entries. b) the list of custom icons was empty - and you have no possibility to view the complete list of custom icons, which are already present in the database. c) only the newly loaded custom icons appear in the list for selection or deleting them d) if I add new custom icons, I'm able to delete them by right click and choosing "delete", but only a limited amount (50-60) can only be shown. If I use more than this limited number, I wasn't be able to access the non shown icons, despite they are already present in the database. If I want to reuse such a "hidden" icon, I have to load it again into the database, which results in an ever growing database. So please give us a way to maintain the database by a) accessing and eventually deleting already loaded custom icons b) shrinking the database by a maintenance function or do it automatically from time to time This issue is pending now since Oct. 2020, when you told me, that you identified the problem and will fix it with the next release.
  4. It is even worse. Enpass shows only a fixed amount of custom icons (icons you uploaded manually to the database), so you are not able to delete icons, which don't show up in the list. Currently, I see 74 custom icons (out of over than 100). If you want to select a not visible icon, you have only the chance either to copy an entry, where it is used or to upload it again. I already reported this error repeatedly to Enpass, but it is still not corrected.
  5. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next release - Thanks.
  6. Unfortunately the 6.6 version didn't solve this problem. It even worsened the situation, because also in the IOS only app. 50 icons are displayed in the selection list, even if I choose to administrate the icons. So I have no chance to get access to an older icon, which will not be displayed in this list. I have to re-upload the customer icon again (and growing the database?). I thought, that you will fix the issue and not to propagate this error to all platforms. Please look again into this issue and fix it really in the next release.
  7. Thanks for caring - I'll be waiting for the fix in one of the next releases.
  8. In the latest desktop version (MacOS and Windows versions 6.5.2), only a subset of all custom icons is displayed in the selection list (in my case, there are 44 icons visible out of more than 100). The IOS version 6.5.2 shows all custom icons, so you can select one for an entry or also delete one. In the desktop version, if you want to attribute an icon, which is not displayed in the list of all custom icons, you will not be able to select it - you have to re-upload it.It seems, that the only the most recently uploaded icons are visible. Synchronization of all icons seems to be fine - they are in the database - existing entries show the correct custom icon, even if it is not visible any more in the selection list. Also newly added icons from the desktop version are displayed in the IOS version, when you have a look to all custom icons.
  9. I also had problems to sync Windows (Traditional Win32) version 6.3 and 6.3.1 with iCloud. The update to Enpass 6.3.2 fixed this issue.
  10. In which resolution do you provide the Favicons on your server? When I tried this feature I noticed, that there is small icon and a big white border around for e.g. Acronis Icon. This happens also with other Favicons. It seems, that the functions uses only 64x64 of the possible 200x200 pixels.
  11. Regarding custom icons, the procedure to add them is very easy. They are stored within Enpass as 200x200 png files. In earlier versions, you had to convert the Icons to this size. in the meanwhile I noticed, that Enpass can do this by itself. You just have to select a square jpg or png and the upload this file (if the format isn't square, sometimes "strange" results will show up, where e.g. only parts of the icon are shown): Select an entry and go to edit mode. Click on the icon and see the dialogue "choose icon" In the headline of this dialogue you will find a "+" sign on the upper right side. if you click onto the "+" you can choose a file to be uploaded - search the file in your file system and "open" it. Afterwards you will be able to select the new icon in the custom icon section The Favicon function isn't implemented yet - it was part of some beta versions, but didn't find its way to the product version.
  12. The newest MacOS-beta (279) version has deleted the option to use the Fav-Icons instead of the build-in icons. Custom icons are still available. I'm on MacOS Mojave. This is also so in the latest IOS version. Since I don't have access to my Windows system in the moment, I can't verify, if this is also the case for the latest Windows beta.
  13. The newest IOS-beta (196) version has deleted the option to use the Fav-Icons instead of the build-in icons. Custom icons are still available.
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