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  1. Hi Vinod. Windows 10 64-bit. I am just doing some more testing as I didn't realize that the desktop and Windows Store versions operate separately. A bit confusing. Please read this post. Edit: It's still not working, regardless of the 2 different versions. Both versions fail to lock. It appears that the "System Inactive" setting is not working.
  2. There are still 2 different versions with 2 separate settings. I know this as I have the desktop version and the Windows Store version running together side by side, and I had to set the settings separately.
  3. Autolock always worked fine in version 5 desktop, but it's not locking in version 6. The only option that I always have unticked is Settings > Security > Autolock When: "Main Windows Is Closed". Those settings worked fine in version 5, but not in version 6.
  4. I can't see anywhere to purchase from either. Even from the Store.
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