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  1. The two action-keys are again missing for me. Long-pressing Enpass in app drawer should have "Search" and "Add item" show up, but they're now missing. Thus happened before on earlier 6.0.x and was fixed by re-installing. Neither Rebooting device nor clearing cache works. Not a deal breaker but a little annoying. Android 11 Enpass 6.8.3 OnePlus7T
  2. you should mention your device your android version your enpass version I've seen several times that the "Autofill using Accessibility" is broken when you go into the system menu, a few enalbe/disable and it might start work again. But the Autofill service should work. What keyboard are you using, have you tried another one?
  3. No, it's just a basic "folder sync" AFAIK. Yes network drives over vpns in user-context can be tricky. Windows tries to mount the drive during login and if the VPN isn't up the drive will be disconnected, most file level operation outside the shell Explorer will fail. You could look at Offline Files perhaps, but then you probably need an active directory with proper domain account and kerberos (don't know if you're using ntlmv2 on a workgroup server or just using a different account for share access). If you're using this on a personal computer, there's probably easier solutions, like cloud sync, some simple webdav-server at home or Syncthing
  4. OK. You mean a smb/cifs share (not webdav). You probably need to add that file share as a network drive first, and make sure to tick "remember credentials"
  5. Using Enpass 6.8.3 from Microsoft Store on Windows 11. With modern theme, When Enpass is reduced to its smallest view (the one-column view), when you click '+' to add a new item or edit an existing Item, the Item view and the fields isn't visible unless you enlarge the windows (to the two-column view) Im pretty sure editing item in one-column view worked in 6.8.1
  6. An all desktop-installations of Enpass, local backup is enabled by default. If you have one of those (mac/linux/windows), do a restore on one of those. There were more people comlaining about bad syncing, Im not sure this is fixed in 6.8.3, but at least ensure youre on that version on all devices.
  7. First pitstop would be do a Restore from Cloud, provided you synced to either of them?
  8. Why aren't you more verbose in the releasenotes, you seem to fix more than covered there. At least when there's a PR mentioned in forumthreads like SI-3060... those could be mentioned in the releasenotes, or the issue description. good job anyway. 6.8.3 is way quicker and stable.
  9. Confirmed solved in version 6.8.3
  10. I can't seem to reproduce the issue in 6.8.3 for iOS, but the changelog doesn't mention anything about it. Can you verify that this issue is addressed?
  11. My interpretation was that since he said "one domain account", he was referring to sites using LDAP/Active Directory behind the scenes. If that was the case, there's only single identity used to login, and to avoid unnecessary duplicates of the same Domain credential for; https://first1.internal.local https://second.internal.local https://third.internal.local he could evaluate the forementioned options.. If a shared identity provider isn't utilized here, ofc. unique passwords are desireable.
  12. Don't know if I get you fully, but if you're having many sites on the intranet that you want want to have a shared item for, there "should" be two ways. 1. If the internal sites share the same domain, then just add use the domain in the URL-field. Enpass should check for and use the item with URL "internal.local" if you're on the site "sales.intranet.local" 2. You can always add additional fields of type "URL" to an item, and hence have unlimited amount of associated URLs for an item but only one set of creds.
  13. Add category-info to the "current item" view, please.
  14. In the android app, one can create a Note, and then add sections and fields afterwards. When you're on the road, it's quick to just add a note with relevant text. When there's spare time, one might organize the item with adding fields and such. But in the desktop apps, you don't get any options to add fields. In order to be able to add field to an item after creation, one has to use the template "Misc >>Other". Suggestion: make it possible to add sections and fields to a Note also on desktop versions Enpass: 6.8.1 Android 11/Windows 11
  15. thanks, it wasn't critisism, I just made sure this didn't slip through since it's security matter, vaults remains decrypted and opened through computer standby and etc. Ctrl+L is one's friend now.
  16. Im now on 6.8.2 build 1084 from Microsoft Store, and now there's no Locking of Enpass neither when unlocking through main window nor helper window.
  17. Sounds bad. The 25 limit is only in mobile apps AFAIK, and the database isn't pruned. If wifey has cloud sync enabled, maybe you could install Enpass on a pc with the same sync, which should show all items. Does her email remain the same in Settings > license? Pro should definitely not be degraded to Lite
  18. This has been following all 6.8 releases of Enpass for Android. During first / fresh launch of Enpass, the already saved website icons are not loaded. If the user switches view from "All items" to "Browse" and back the icons are there. Problem can be repeated by force closing Enpass and reopening it. Should be an easy fix? Enpass: 6.8.3 beta Android 11 OnePlus7T 4 vaults and ~400 items.
  19. Verified as solved in Beta 6.8.3
  20. Verified as solved in Beta 6.8.3.
  21. Ivarson


    I think any password manager does just that, almost by definition password managers does two things; A. Requires at least a password to read secrets B. Encrypts the database in such way that it's impossible or impractible to read the secrets without that first password. You need to have a good password on your laptop, and also a strong password in Enpass. Your computers harddrive should be encrypted which is the default on modern devices. If your laptop is stolen, those are your asurances, as the data of Enpass resides locally, and you can't just call Enpass and have them "flush" the saved passwords on your stolen laptop.
  22. What is "desync"? You have to authenticate on all cloud-providers? Have you checked date, time and timezones on all devices?
  23. On Desktops, the arrow that allows user to expand a tag's sub-tags is very small and hard to hit. Either make the droparrow bigger, or allow user to doubleclick a tag to have it's subtags expanded or imploded. thanks.
  24. Mkay. There's no beta 6.8.3 for android thought.
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