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  1. Excellent. Well done! Glad to see that few remarks. The HTTP-service mentioned I presume is the WiFi-Sync-part, which isn't utilized if one doesnt use wifi sync nor start the Service?
  2. Did it spill any details if run from a terminal? Ran enpass on mint 20.3 only two days ago, albeit the Edge iso which uses kernel 5.13 but shouldn't matter
  3. The request @Lonelobo0070made might not suite you nor some other users, nonetheless it is a request he's entitled to make. When Enpass launched it's WiFi sync-feature it got a "backend" feature. The point of Enpass is about not being forced to store vaults at the pm-vendor in the cloud. That would still apply here. (local network)
  4. is there anything I can contribute with, or..? There is no change after update to build 1084 from Microsoft Store yesterday. It feels like, from 6.8, the complete vault isn't loaded in RAM after decryption but every view is loaded ondemand since there is a 1-2 second delay when navigating around. Or some added memory cleaning has been added? I have a pretty new and speedy HP DragonFly with a Intel i5-8265U..
  5. From an interview here, Hemant states that it is planned for a "a password-less authentication with FIDO2" later this year.
  6. I don't know why this happened, but I noticed that only Chrome got the legacy Autofill. I re-installed Chrome via Play Store and now keyboard-autofill work again.
  7. After toggling keyboard between gboard and SwiftKey, I lost the autofill integration with any of the keyboards. Instead I get the old pop-up (in some cases). Why? Autofill and availability settings are turned on. Enpass 6.8.2 666 Android 11 OnePlus 7T
  8. I have to ask a follow-up question.. If the license is checked every 24th hour, what's gonna happen if I'm offline for several days, or my internet is limited? Will my license be revoked after some days? Also ,as a lifetime license holder, is the license still checked every 24 hour?
  9. After some further testing, the issue occurs when using Microsoft Swiftkey as keyboard. When using the default Gboard, the keyboard pops up.
  10. Since Enpass 6.8 and upwards (currently on 6.8.1), Enpass is way more sluggish than 6.7. It feels like debug-mode is on or something. This is observed in most actions, starting up Enpass, switching category, adding items, switching views/tabs. I ran it in a VM at first thinking it was purely poor virtualization performance, but it's the same experience on a physical laptop with Windows 11. Whats up with that?
  11. I think you do, if you set "Lock on leave", you want to authenticate each time Enpass goes to foreground, that's the whole point. Majority of Android users use biometrics, which makes unlocking as fast as unlocking the screen. If you don't have or want to use biometrics, you can change you password making sure to use a keyfile and a shorter password
  12. Actually it's only partially fixed. The shortcuts has been refined and now triggers views in the main app, however the Search-shortcut only highlights the search-bar and shows the previous searches, it doesn't "focus" the search-bar, which would bring the keyboard up. Hence, it's still needed to tap "Search" again in order to start typing. That way there's no point having a shortcut. So let's call the .Focus() on the searchbar when search-shortcut is pressed.
  13. No more issues with Dropbox in beta 6.8.2 for Android neither
  14. There are at least three threads on the forums about this. Dropbox is confirmed screwed up in 6.8 on all platforms and Enpass has promised updates "shortly"
  15. 6.7.1 and 6.8.x Android 11, iOS, Windows 11, Ubuntu 22.04... Come on, it happens on ALL devices i've encountered, and both in the latest 6.7-versions as well as in the current 6.8-versions..
  16. thank you. if you do plan to continue push "Enpass-related news" straight into the app, please at least introduce another option in Enpass where users can opt out of such overhad. IMHO such content shouldn't exist in the precious memory-space of Enpass at all, use _any_ and _all_ other channels. thanks for hearing me out and keep up the good work
  17. Thank you, but that's not relevant here. There's no attempt of reusing a "cloud-account" for multiple vaults, same cloud-provider, yes, but never the same accounts. Today I even got a conflict on a vault syncing to a local folder. Something is triggering Enpass into seemingly unneccesary conflicts (that always seem to resolv just fine after pressing "merge" manually;
  18. Locking Enpass with a PIN active doesn't close the database AFAIK. If you lock it without a PIN being set, then it's closed properly. In Windows when Full-time TPM support is active, I believe the database is locked properly due to TPM handling the key rather than Enpass itself. I could be wrong though.
  19. @Gulshan Dogra, there was improvements regarding showing conflict-warnings in Enpass 6.8, kudos for that! Im still curious though, why there is a need to manually have to resolv a conflict at all (by clicking 'merge'), like in the above post. Could you shed some light over that?
  20. I just got a fat, full-screen ad in Enpass about your new Enterprise-plan. How can you justify to push a intrusive ad like that? I understand that you badly want to reach out to existing users, but seriously.. You have Twitter, Facebook, your blog, the forum (with the not-so-used Announcement-section). You also have the emails of all your customers. Have you somewhere promised not to use the emails for offerings and therefor decided to push out this directly to users running and decrypted instances of Enpass? There is an option in Settings - Advanced regarding Notifications. It reads that it's used only for security concerns and respects.. blabla. Are you going to push future "info" like that? Is that option what allowed that broadcast? Or is there another backdoor specially built in 6.8 for today's "Security notification"?
  21. I had to switch to other sync providers.. can't re-auth every x:nd hour on several devices.
  22. This happened for me too, but in the Linux and Android app in with a custom category.
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