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Found 8 results

  1. hi, Google has recently updated how their gmail web login looks (and functions?) and since then Enpass is no loger able to autofill the web login (not gmail app) using Firefox on iOS. It only affects the email address. The password does work if I manually input the email address. Please fix as I do login to gmail pretty often.
  2. This option was removed in recent v6.8. Please restore it ASAP. cmd+c
  3. Enpass jumps to a new record after changing a value from the menu bar quick access. Steps to reproduce: Open the Enpass drop down from the menu bar icon Search for a record, then select it in the list Press ( i ) to open / show it Press the pen symbol to edit the record Change any value Save Enpass now seems to jump to another random record and presents its values instead of the one that was opened before
  4. I updated to the AppStore version of Enpass 6.8.0 when it became available. Everything was working fine on my iOS and Mac (latest OS versions) devices. The sync was working everywhere. But yesterday, I installed a new Mac device (M1 based / MacOS 12.3.1) and tried to connect to the central vault on my Synology WebDAV server (DSM 7.0.1). I could not connect and received credential errors (Please check your username & password). I researched this for hours and thought it might be the certificate installation on the Mac. Unfortunately it turns out, that I could fix my issue by downgrading to Enpass 6.7.4. With the old version I can connect my new Mac to the WebDAV vault without any issues. So it is a bug in 6.8.0! It is also very unfortunate, that the Enpass team makes it extra complicated to downgrade to a previous version. I had to build a download link by using the link to the current website version and then insert the version number to the old version, which you find in the release list. This is very frustrating! It's not the first time that I stumble across quality issues and it makes me wonder if there might be a point to pay more money for a more reliable password managing software from a different vendor, despite the fact, that I really like the approach technical approach the Enpass team takes. So I would really appretiate more quality assurance in the future. Automated regression testing should make it possible to get a handle on that, just saying...
  5. I'm running version 6.6.2 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Lifetime Premium member. I have a couple items I originally entered in the Login category, and later used the "Change Category" on the context menu to change the category to Password. I noticed after making this change that the item shows up when I click the Password category in the left pane. However, the item seems to have retained all the details from when it was in the Login category. The icon is the globe icon for the Login category rather than the key icon for the password category. I was able to easily fix that by editing the item and then clicking the icon, which then displayed the "Choose Icon" slide-out window. However, the bigger issue is that the item retains the Login template. This is easy to see because items in the Login category show the following fields by default: Username, E-mail and Password, while items in the Password category show the following fields by default: Login and Password. (Yes, I know it is confusing that the Login template identifies the user using Username, while the Password template identifies the user using Login. Different bug.) The items for which I switched categories from Login to Password continue to show the 3 Login fields, instead of the two Password fields. When the user changes an item's category, the app should change the icon and template accordingly. Thanks.
  6. There is a bug where the Firefox Enpass Extension interferes with expected cursor behavior in the online CAD program Onshape. Onshape utilizes an autocomplete feature when filling out certain fields: Normally if a user presses "Enter", the highlighted recommended variable is pasted into the input field, and the user can continue typing in that field. As of approximately two weeks ago, this no longer works. When "Enter" is pressed, the cursor jumps to a different input field (highlighted blue below): The behavior is quite frustrating, as it means that the autocomplete function cannot be used. If the Enpass extension is disabled (and only that extension), the bug disappears. Why would Enpass be controlling cursor behavior on this page? It was my understanding that the extension does not take any action until its icon (top right-hand corner of the browser) is clicked.
  7. Dear Developers, Enpass is one of the good password manager but in windows 10 the icon of the app look like outdated and also need some improvements the main issue already mentioned but still not solved by developers. In light mode app icon is not properly shown already ask before 5 to 6 months but still same issue. check both the image and solve the issue of the app.
  8. Sometimes, especially when using an external monitor attached to my laptop, the Chrome extension (used in Vivaldi in my case) displays its contents at the wrong scale. The Safari extension does the same thing. This is both the locked and unlocked screen. It doesn't respond to clicks in the expected way, but I can still use it if I stick to the keyboard. Just checked and the menu bar app does the same thing too. However the desktop app looks fine. Mac OS Mojave, latest Vivaldi, Safari, Enpass.
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