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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way for me to see all of my entries that have not been added to a folder? My purpose here is to find entries that I have forgotten to categorize to a folder. If not, it would be great if there was either 1) a "None" folder that an entry is in by default until it gets added to a folder (LastPass has this) or 2) a smarter search query that could allow you to search for folder = null
  2. Please add a folder at the top of the list named (no folder) or alike. This was I can find and re-organise items that aren't in a folder. Personally I don't use categories and arrange my items with folders only.
  3. I use Folders extensively and have hundreds of items in Enpass. It is difficult to find those cards that I have setup but have not got assigned to a folder. Having the option to switch on and off a folder in the list to show these unallocated items would be extremely useful - alternatively, having a feature to show unallocated items in a separate list and allowing them to be allocated to folders would be another approach that would help in these situations.
  4. After using the app the first week... I'm testing/using the (full) android app for about a week now and I have some suggestions: 1. The 3-dots symbol at the right of an entry should be a lot larger. It's nearly invisible. It should have the same size like the same symbol in the toolbar if I open an item. 2. Folders should be shown directly within the left menu, just like in the Windows app. 3. If I use the PIN I don't have to hit the Enter key after entering the PIN. I think this is not very secure and it differs from the way it works on the PC. There I have to hit Enter. 4. TOTP: I think there should be a special group for items with TOTP, just like the favorites group. 5. TOTP: Maybe in this group all items should show a 3rd (bigger) line with the key and the count down circle on the right. And maybe a tap on an item (in this group) should copy the code directly into the clipboard instead of opening the item. 6. TOTP: The circle should rotate in the same direction like the windows app... (or the other way around) 7. For Android 7+: It would be nice if the app would support the new app shortcuts, e.g. for directly opening the favorites/TOTP, the search or the password generator.
  5. When I add a new item (say, a login), on completion I see that it has been added automatically to almost all of the folders I've created. It should actually be added to none of them. What folders an item belongs in is up to me, I would think. It's not a convenience to have to go through and remove the item from all of the incorrect folders. It wouldn't be as bad if there was a way I could edit the folders an item is in, but there isn't. I just added an item and then had to go through and remove it from ten folders. And it was added to my favourites as well. Please fix this. Edit: I just noticed that new items are even added to folders that no longer exist, so I have to recreate a folder just to remove an item that shouldn't have been added there in the first place. Another edit: Recreating the folder doesn't actually work. So the new item is forever in a non-existent folder.
  6. Currently it's not possible to move folders. If you want to drag them, only the current Item below the cursor is selected. A good solution would be, if you could select folders (also multiple folders with Ctrl-key), and move them to another folder (or to the root) per drag-and-drop. Another good solution would be a Folder-Manager (or folder if you have to activate an edit-mode before you can reorder them per drag-and-drop).
  7. I have separated by business and my personell account by folders. From time to time I have to export by business accounts to another place. For this the possibility to export the accounts of a selected folder would be nice.
  8. Hi, I'm giving Enpass a try out after many years with 1P, Migration was a bit messy, but I got there in the end. However, I'm trying to create a set of folders to manually categorise my collection, but I seem only to be able to create one root level folder, with any subsequent new folders being sub folders of that one. Deselecting it and trying to create a new folder results in nothing happening. The migration process managed to collect all the catergory names from 1P, I see in another post that a request has been made for 'smart' folders. This would definitely be beneficial to those migrating if you could create smart folders to automatically collect all those ready made tags. Cheers.
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