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website icons feature in Enpass 6.2.0 (542) is assigning the same, wrong, favicon to many entries


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I've just enabled the new website icons feature in Enpass 6.2.0 (542) and in general it has done a good job of retrieving the favicons from the website.

However, there is a small, very random, number of entries where it has gone and applied the same incorrect favicon which just happened the be the favicon for the 2nd entry in my wallet that it updated.

In my case, it has used the favicon from https://9now.com.au which was the 2nd entry in my wallet that it updated with a favicon.

However, it also used that exact same 9now.com.au favicon for entries such as

..and many many more.

Any ideas why or how to investigate/troubleshoot?

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I have the same problem with many icons wrong.
Some website icons are wrongly duplicated on others.

If I go into Customize and untick "Use Website Icons", it will display the default icons again. Then I go back in and enable it, and my icons are fixed.
I am not sure how long they are fixed for though. o.O

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