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Apple Watch > support protected fields


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Thanks @Kashish

Nice to hear that this problem gets addressed :)


Please also focus the watch sync.

It is currently that hard to handle.

Please add an option sync all favorites or optional a safe, too.

The data of Enpass is that small, that it doesn’t have any negative effect to the watch.



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@Pratyush Sharma


Hello. I like to ask, if there is something new? This is a privacy issue using Enpass with the Apple Watch.

Are there some news to that?


Just to repeat: :)

- mirror an item to Apple Watch

- show the item on the Apple Watch

- every protected field becomes instant visible

- scroll to the item with multiple fields, every protected field will be visible



- every protected field should be •••••••••••••

- a finger tap on the protected field should show the protected field


Thanks for pushing this issue to the developers again :) 


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