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Export in CSV format

Da Kine

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I realized how handy it was to have the ability to export in CSV format since I used this with LastPass and Enpass accepted the data almost perfectly. One issue: Enpass doesn't support the same CSV format when exporting, only TXT, so I request the CSV export as an enhancement request. It would be annoying to have to write a parser if I ever needed to move my data again. Thanks in advance.

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I switched to Enpass 3 month ago - used Lastpass and Keepass before. As much as I love Enpass I still have doubts if it was the right decision. With no CSV export functionality it will be very hard to switch to another solution if needed. So I'm very curious if they will implement it in the next update...keeping my fingers crossed! :-)


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Hi @ledowning

I would like to share that we have rolled out Enpass Beta for Mac and Windows with the CSV export along with some other awesome features. If you can't wait till the final release, just try out the Beta version.

Download link:



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