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Good afternoon,

I have a Surface Pro X which runs Windows on ARM. While the x86 version of Enpass from the Microsoft store works, I'm wondering if you could compile an ARM64 build to help with battery life and possibly other performance benefits if I were to have Enpass constantly running in the background.

It would be greatly appreciated.


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Glad to know that the x86 version is working on your device.

We are aware that the app needs battery enhancements and has performance issue in the x86 version. There are still some complications and resource constraints because of which we are unable to implement it as of now. We will have to see how these systems work and have to follow the industry in these cases.

I have however shared the feedback with the concerned team for further consideration. 

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Hi Tahreem, 

The performance of Enpass is more and more becoming a problem. On my desktop computer which is a x86 but even more on my ARM based Surface Pro X. I have been waiting for performance improvement for a long time now and starting to consider to move to a different solution. Can you be a bit more specific on when you expect an update ? 

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Check-in in on the status of the ARM64 build of Enpass.  This is the best cross platform password manager on the market and am eagerly awaiting native ARM64 compiled Enpass version while I run the emulated x86 version of the software.

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Hi @coryb

Thank you for your kind words!

Our dedicated development team is already aware of the demand for this feature. Moreover, I have also shared your comments with the team and will be sure to update this forum once it is implemented. We appreciate your cooperation and support in the interim.


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