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Some websites aren't using "auto-submit login" properly


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As I start to use Enpass more and more to see if it is a viable replacement of 1password I have noticed the following websites do not login properly if the "auto-submit login" property is set:

  • owner.roku.com/login
  • us.battle.net/login

If I remove the check mark and manually press the button I am able to login properly. I have even recreated the login within Enpass manually and it still is not working.

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Hi Kevin

Thanks for your feedback. We tested both of the pages you reported for problems and have marked these sites for further investigation and correction.

I also want to mention that Auto-Submit feature has nothing to do with whether login is created manually or using Enpass Browser Extension. It's just some sites don't quite play nice with Auto-Submit. I assume you have to relent and not use Auto-Submit in those cases which you can disable for those particular items from Detail page using the instructions here: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-mac/browser_settings.html#auto-submit-pages-after-filling-logins

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@Anshu kumar

Yes, I have disabled auto-submit for now, but I wanted to make sure to bring this to your attention so that it can be fixed. :D

I think you will all see a lot more feedback from me in the future. I am a long time 1password user that was looking for an alternative because I don't want to use dropbox just to be able to sync my vault.

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