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what about the HTTP Auth support (in Firefox)?

Here is an old thread:

But there was no real answer, there already other password manager which can fill these auth windows, why not enpass? It's not really useable to open the password manager and copy the credentials by hand.

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There is support for that in Firefox API and it is being used on BitWarden (only when there is single match for site, basic auth prompt won't show up then, you will be automatically logged in) and on passman (displaying popup instead of basic auth when there is more than one match, when there is one, works like in BitWarden). Why can't it be done in enpass?

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@Pratyush Sharma it is already possible for Firefox: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/webRequest/onAuthRequired one limitation of this method: you cannot trigger your own GUI using this, but Enpass shouldn't be affected by that as it is not using GUI inside browser, but relies on external agent instead. Even if that will be a factor for Enpass, you can implement filling it automatically when there is only one match or with a first match if there are multiple ones.

It is also possible for Google Chrome: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/webRequest

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Hey @Masterframe

You can fill in http auth dialogs with Firefox and Chromium Based Browsers.  Although it has some limitations:

Supported Actions:

  1. Extension Button - Yes
  2. Keyboard Shortcut - No

Behavior on Browsers:

  1. In case extension button in toolbar can be clicked: You can click on extension button and select a item for filling. 
  2. In case extension button can’t be clicked: Open a new tab and then select a item for filling. It will launch the url saved in item and autofill.


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