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Support SyncThing for personal cloud backup

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I am starting to love Enpass. But I am also minimizing my dependencies on cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. I have switched to SyncThing which is now used to sync my Whatsapp msg backup folder, the Whatsapp media folder, my phone camera folder and my phone pictures folder.

The most important one is Enpass. I believe this would simply work if Enpass would store the encrypted database in a folder that has the same name/structure across OS's (Debian, Android, Windows).

Can this be easily implemented?

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @zilexa

We're glad to know that you like Enpass. Currently, we don't have any plans to add SyncThing as a supported cloud, however, I've noted down your request for discussions.


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Hi @Akash Vyas

I actually just realized you already have folder support on Android. And SyncThing already allows for syncing folders across Android and Windows and Linux!

So basically all functionality is already there! The only thing preventing Enpass users from syncing:

On Windows, the wallet is this file:

On Android, you simply select "Sync with: Folder" and select for example /storage/emulated/0. Now the file will be: 
or (it's exactly the same, just alias): emulated/0/Enpass/sync_default.walletx

All we need to use SyncThing is the same name and extension! But how does this work when people use WebDAV or other methods across Android and Windows? I am sure they also need the same name/extension, right?

"Windows > Enpass > Settings > Sync" also allows "Sync To Folder"! And I can pick a folder, which will then contain a "sync_default.walletx" file!

So it is already possible! It could be a bit more user friendly. 

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I have raised the request to the concerned team and they shall be working on this further. However, once we have enough user requests, it will surely be implemented. 

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