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Password audit count error


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He said I had the same password for two of my items. But when I clicked on it, I saw only one item.
I tried deleting it and creating a new one, but it still shows two identical passwords!
This is bothering me a lot, how can I fix this problem?

I'm wondering if there's an item I can't see because I've created and deleted this site. And then this invisible item causes a field mapping problem.


Enpass: v6.4.0 portable.

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Hey @bestpika

Apologies for the trouble.

Please share the following details so that we can investigate better-

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass and having this issue?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on the same device?
  • Total numbers of vaults and cloud services which you are using to sync data?
  • Number of identical items on each vault.
  • Let me know if you have checked the same item is still in trashed or archived and share your findings.


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Hey @bestpika

Thanks for sharing the required details.

I would like to share that we have fixed similar bug in the latest update (version 6.5.0) on the other platforms. I can't give you an exact timeframe for the update on Portable version. You can, however, try using the Windows version of Enpass available to download from Microsoft Store and our website.


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bestpika – If of any help, creating a duplicate of the problematic item, modifying it slightly (change its name) then deleting the original can sometimes clear the problem. An alternative version of this is to copy all the details of the item (to notepad etc), delete the item and clear it from Trash. Finally create a new entry from your saved details.


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Sorry it didn't. I've had the same issue. There appears to be a glitch where Enpass gets confused about specific passwords. I had multiple items show as different 'identical' password entries, four items with a (1) against each. One of the items cleared with my first suggestion, one with the second and later two others, that simply wouldn't clear. In the end I exported my vault as a json file created a backup and disconnected my cloud sync, just to be safe, then deleted the old vault and re-imported the json file and found the identical password errors had gone. I then deleted my old cloud backup and started a new sync. There's a bit of work involved, but it did work! But obviously only consider this if you're comfortable doing it.


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