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Enpass V6.5.0 (707) - Display Problems


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Dear Forum,

I updated today to V6.5.0. and have a small graphics problem. In the program but also in the browser-extensions the last parts of a line/headline are always cut off on the right side or bottom in the menu, in the single entries or generated passwords. It seems, a pixel row is missing. The problem occurs in the traditional version as well as in the store version. I use Windows 2004 (latest update) and a 4k resolution. The error is independent of the text scaling size.

I have included two screenshots. This error occurs only with ENPASS.

Does anyone have an idea what could happen?



2020-09-11 23_14_22-Enpass.jpg

2020-09-11 23_14_03-Enpass.jpg

No 3.jpg

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Thanks, but this does not help. I try this before posting my problem. As I wrote, it is independent of the text scaling size. I also tried different versions of my Radeon RX 570 drivers.

Maybe Enpass has trouble with Windows 2004, with pervious versions of windows I never had any problems with Enpass.

@Support-Team: any idea or are other users known with this problem?

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8 hours ago, Pratyush Sharma said:

Hi @Rudi,

Thanks for sharing the details.

Please let us know which custom font are you using so we can further investigate. Also, have you tried using system default fonts?


@Pratyush Sharma

sorry, my fault, I use windows 10 default font, I changed only scale to 200 %. Another scale e.g. 150 % or 100 % has no effect on this problem


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I am also seeing this issue.  I only just saw it happen in the last few days, before that it was not present.   In my case much more is missing than in Rudi's case, I have about 1/2 the character width missing and the bottom is cut on many lines of text, making it hard to use the program.

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Hi @xyzzy,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please let us know the following details so we can help you better:

  • On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  • Which Enpass version are you using?
  • Are you facing this issue after the latest update? If no, then please let us know from which version you are facing this issue.
  • Are you using multiple monitors?
  • Can you please try after restart?


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