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Enpass V6.5.0 (707) - Display Problems


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  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit
  • Enpass 6.6.1(809)
  • I did recently update, but the issue did not start at the time of the update, but a little later.
  • Yes a 2 monitor setup
  • Restart did not solve the problem

I have been experimenting.  I still had the 6.6.0 install files on the machine, so removed enpass 6.6.1 and installed 6.6.0.  The problem was gone.  I then upgraded to 6.6.1 and the problem is still gone.  I will report back if it reappears.



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Good morning,

I have been experiencing the same issue for several months.  Please see the attached image.

I have a multi-monitor setup,
enpass 6.7.2

The problem began after an update.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Enpass did not fix the problem.


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On 9/16/2021 at 5:46 AM, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @Aliased

Welcome to the Enpass Community!

Thank you for sharing this issue with us. I have forwarded it to the concerned team. While we work on this concern for you, advise you to refer this link and follow the steps. Let me know if it works for you.


This did not solve the issue.

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Hi @Aliased

Thank you for your patience .Our concerned team has identified the bug where some graphic drivers cause issues while rendering text in Qt (GUI framework Enpass uses). We are testing a patch provided by the upstream vendor for resolution. A fix will be available in the future Enpass update. Appreciate your co-operation.

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