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Disable keyboard switch

Kevin van Mierlo

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I really like the Enpass keyboard, but since the new update it enables switching keyboards using the globe key.
I am using the Google keyboard and I've set two languages (English and Dutch). I always switch language using the globe key, but now it also switches to Enpass, which I don't want.
So I want to be able to switch through my languages from the Google keyboard without the Enpass keyboard getting in between.
I understand that some people might like this feature, so maybe this could be an option in the settings?
Thanks in advance!


P.S. I really like the new notification to fill username and password!

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@Richard I've installed many keyboards over time, but none of those had the possibility to switch to the Google Keyboard or from the Google Keyboard to the other keyboard. I think the globe is meant to change languages with the selected keyboard. I only use the Enpass keyboard for logging in, after that I switch back to the Google Keyboard.

I think the keyboard selection Android provides (the one in the navigation bar (bottom right) or in the notification drawer (depends on your phone)) is sufficient for that purpose.

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Since I only use one language, I found the use of the globe key handy to easily get to the Enpass keyboard and then back to the Google keyboard. I do understand that it is probably not meant for this purpose, but nevertheless it's now a bit harder. I do like the non-auto fill technique you use on your keyboard.

One possible suggestion to possibly make the keyboard switching easier. For example, Keypass2Android has a non-root configuration option to auto switch back to the previously used keyboard after you press the "Go" key. Maybe something along those lines would be a better option as the globe key may be used to switch languages.

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