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Enpass fails to show entries after Mac Book Sleep


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Hi All,

I have Enpass syncing the vault with my NextCloud Server via Webdav. I use it on my iPhone, MacBook, iPad and also my Windows PC.

Syncing works fine, however when I wake up my MAcBook from sleep and try to use the Browser Extension to login, there are no entries shown in Browser helper or enpass main application. I need to completely quit the main application and restart it again. Then all my passwords are back again.

This happens only on my MacBook, Windows PC and iOS are working fine. On my MacBook I am running 6.6.0 (775)

When checking the reviews on the Appstore it seems that I am not the only one....


Any ideas how to fix? 


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The same for me. After MacBook Pro went to sleep and wake up again no entires are shown in the vault anymore, regardless if Enpass is unlocked with fingerprint or password. After quitting Enpass and start it again the entires are shown again. MacBook Pro 16 inch, 2019, macOS Big Sur 11.2.3.

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