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How to turn off the new autofill pop-up?

100 Watt Walrus

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Hi folks,

How do I turn off the new autofill pop-up? It covers up important content related to entering login information on many sites, it's difficult to get rid of (ESC doesn't work), it is (sometimes?!?) full of icons that don't tell you what they do when moused over, and it's entirely unnecessary because I use keystrokes to autofill. (Frankly, one of the many reasons I chose Enpass over bigger-name password managers was that it didn't have this obnoxious "feature.")

I can't find anything in Preferences for getting rid of it.

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Thanks @Abhishek Dewan! Of course, I didn't think to look in the extension's settings in the browser. *Hangs head in embarrassment*

Not sure how possible this is (given the recent change to how keyboard shortcuts work), but I'd prefer to control this from the app's preferences (just like I'd prefer to control keyboard shortcuts from the app's preferences) because now I have to separately change this setting in literally dozens of browser profiles across 5 different browsers.

I realize that's probably not a problem most people will face, but even power-users who stick to one browser might have multiple profiles.


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Hi @100 Watt Walrus

With the recent updates for our extension, the Enpass now lets the browser control these settings, along with the keyboard shortcuts natively. However, I completely understand where you are coming from, and I have shared your comment as feedback with the development team. Appreciate your kind understanding in this case.

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Please bring the option to disable the inline autofill completely from the Enpass, as a security feature!

One of reasons I've chosen enpass is the separation between the agent and browser. I can configure enpass, so browser never has any access to my passwords without my knowledge, which prevents any 0-click malicious extensions from stealing my passwords.

With new inline autofill this feature is lost. I can either completely disable browser integration or have it done in less secure way it was previously. As the "old way" of filling passwords still works, please give us the option to completely disable the new way from the enpass itself, so browser extension can't override it.

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