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Can't copy text from a note


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I just tried this on macOS Monterey with the store version of 6.8.0 and I was able to copy things out of notes via the keyboard shortcut and also by right clicking on the selection and choosing Copy. I tried via the menu bar assistant and that worked, too. 

Can you provide more information about your setup and macOS version? It will be hard for them to fix something if they can’t figure out how to replicate it. 

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Hi @aaadeji

As suggested by @Discordant, kindly share the below details with me and I'll have this investigated for you -

  1. The version of the OS you are using.
  2. Have you downloaded the Enpass app from the Mac App Store or our official website?
  3. Are you facing this issue on multiple devices?
  4. Are you receiving an error when trying to perform the copy action? If yes, kindly share a screenshot of it as well.
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I have more info into that bug – it has a pattern :D

For 1st copy, you have to press the copy shortcut (cmd+c) exactly 3 times.
For 2nd copy, you will copy the text after first shortcut.
For 3rd copy, you will have to press 3 times.
For 4th copy, you will have to press only one time.
...and so on...

Monterey 12.3.1
Enpass 6.8.1 (Mac App Store)


> Are you facing this issue on multiple devices?

I can't check it, sorry.

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