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Enpass repeatedly needs me to enter Premium email info - personal Cloud / NAS storage


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I actually emailed an inquiry to support  - before I decided to purchase Enpass for macOS. Version 6.8.4. (from their web site). But with the MacHeist price I decided to purchase and test. I'll repeat my inquiry here as I am having immediate issues.

My email of Thursday: (yes I know I could wait a reasonable time for their reply)

I see mentions of DropBox, etc for syncing.
I have my own in-home cloud - Synology NAS. I currently sync 1Password vaults via Synology Drive.
Am I able to use Enpass’ synch on my own internal Cloud service?


This morning I proceeded to install Enpass on my MacBook Pro and on my old iMac. Both running macOS 13.0.1

First on the MBP I launched Enpass and activated my premium license. Got the 6-digit code just fine.

I also imported 900+ 1Password 7  entries into the vault. The Enpass folder is on my Synology Drive Share and synchs beautifully between my Macs.

I quit Enpass on the MBP.

When I opened Enpass on my iMac it found the fault and asked me to enter my email for the Premium. I got the 6-digit code and activated that copy.

However now when I return to the MBP I have to Activate again. Then if I return to the iMac same thing - Activate again.

Seems launching one disables the other.

I hope my lifetime license is not for ONE computer - I don't believe it will be as a Mac App Store version would be for 5 computers.

More likely Enpass has a computer ID embedded in a file that gets overwritten when I move between Macs.


Enpass - please instruct me on how I can use my own in-home Synology NAS as my cloud sync service.





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I have Enpass installed on a MacBook Pro and on my MacPro. Both running 13.0.1


I open it on the MBPro and activate it and Quit. Reopen and it remains activated. I then launch it on the MacPro. It says THAT copy needs activation but- I quit without activating it. When I then open Enpass on the MacBook Pro - it requires activation again.


As mentioned I am trying to use my in-home Synology NAS. The entire Enpass folder in my ~/Documents is already shared via Synology Drive Client. I see ONE Enpass file being updated each time I open Enpass regardless of it I activate or make any changes. This is "vault.enpassdb" and I suspect you may be storing a unique computer ID there that gets changed each launch.


BTW - your activation process. I use my registered email address and then get emailed a 6-digit code. WHY not simply ACTIVATE Enpass when I enter my email address and submit it to your license servers???  Why go through the 6-digit code step??  I have several apps that can activate my Applications simply by submitting the registered email address...

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Hi @Octapus

Thank you for sharing the details.

Regarding facing this issue on iOS devices, a fix has just been released under the new stable Enpass v6.9.3(iOS) which addresses this issue. Kindly update your app to the latest version and share your findings with us.

As for facing this issue on Mac devices, I have shared the instructions to access the logs. Kindly follow them and share the logs with me.

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