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Bug - sort by modified


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Sorting items by modification date at least on Android is incorrect. First and second item might show up correct but than the months gets scrambled in some other order. Since the last modified item always shows on top is often what's needed I haven't bothered. 

Latest Android app, 5 vaults (although sorting gets wrong with only one vault shown). 

430 items in total 

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On 2/8/2023 at 11:59 AM, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @Ivarson

We have reproduced the bug on our end due to which this issue is occurring. Our dedicated team is now working on resolving it and soon a patch addressing this issue will be released. Thank you for your patience in the interim.

If you already recreated this issue, this should be known by you, but I'll mention it anyway:

The "sort by created" actually sorts item by modification date. While this is still a bug, I can at least achieve what I want. 

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