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How can I remove autofill information from a card that has been duplicated?


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I often use Duplicate to create new similar cards for other services, but now see that they ALL have carried across the application autofill settings from the Android app. There really needs to be a simple way to clear "app autofill" information from existing cards... and duplicate card should probably "throw away" any autofill mapping information.

Is there something I am missing in the app, or is this a (pretty significant) limitation that really needs to be addressed in an update.

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Hi @AndyMac

By duplicating an Item, you basically create a copy of the original. This is particularly useful when you have multiple accounts with the same company, site or service, or if you have highly customized an Item’s fields and want to create similar Items for that webpage.

Furthermore, the URLs of the Items/duplicates can be modified to prevent their automatic suggestion for autofill.

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following up on this; why is there no apparent way to remove connected apps from enpass entries? I connected an entry to an app by accident and apparently cannot to remove it, causing the entry to now show up every single time.


also: closing threads without any further information is very annoying for anyone finding them later: 

another related one without any information:




Doesn't seem like a difficult feature to implement or (at least) a difficult question to answer to me.

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