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Wi-Fi sync not working


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I am unable to sync using Wi-Fi between my iPhone and Macbook. It just says 'Synchronizing' but never completes. This is the third time this issue has ocurred in the past year as the Wi-Fi sync sometimes work intermittently.

Firewall is disabled, I have no VPN, restarted both devices multiple times, restarted the router, and I followed the steps in the Wi-Fi sync troubleshooting guide.

I also tried reinstalling Enpass and it is unable to find my Macbook through the QR code or 'Restore manually' method. The 'Restore Manually' method keeps on looking for servers but never finds the Macbook.

The same issue is replicated on my iPad.

Enpass iOS version: 6.9.3 (776)
iOS version: 16.7
Enpass MacOS version: 6.9.1 (1515)
MacOS version: 13.4 (Ventura)

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There were no errors in my iPhone, just the 'Synchronizing..." message and the spinning wheel.

I enabled logs in Enpass on my Macbook and it showed "Info: [HTTPS] Request failed: %s" several times.

I was finally able to fix the issue after reinstalling the iOS app a second time and using the manual restore option.

There are definitely bugs with the Wi-Fi sync that need to be fixed since I need to reinstall the app every few months for it to work.


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I have the same Problems. Wi-Fi Sync between Mac and iPhone doesn't work. I use the same network. After 5 minutes I get a message on my Phone:

"A connection to the Wi-Fi Sync server could not be established. Make sure that server is running and that you are connected to the same network."

Mac OS: Sonoma 14.0

iOS: 16.7



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I have the same issue, but I think the problem might be the router.  If you have your Mac getting an IP dynamically, it may change on a boot/restart.  I think, instead of using an IP to identify the WiFi Sync Server, the Enpass should use network name.

However, I am currently testing reserving the IP for my Mac and will see if that resolves the issue.

If that doesn't work, the sync process times out after a few minutes.  If you're quick, you can disconnect the device from WiFi Sync and reconnect with the QR code

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Hi @Dan2020@rwright

For troubleshooting purposes, please try the below steps -

  1. I would suggest you disconnect the Wifi-Sync server from the connected devices and set it up by following the steps in the link , or manually by following the steps in this one.
  2. Ensure that you have allowed access to Enpass in your Firewall/Antivirus Settings. Moreover, if you are using any VPN service, try disabling it to check if the issue persists.
  3. Check that time is set to automatic and is same on all your devices.
  4. You can also refer to this highly useful troubleshooting guide in case you get the same error after creating a manual Wifi-sync server.
  5. Otherwise, create a manual backup of your Enpass data and then reinstall the app on the affected device.

If the issue persists, kindly share the below details and I will gladly get this investigated for you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
  2. Any Firewall/Antivirus/VPN service you are using.
  3. Are you facing a similar issue on other devices as well?
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I prefer my method.  So, far it works every time.  I've gone through a series of restarts and all devices are connecting without issue.

One thing to note.  I've had issues with password being required on a restart rather than Touch ID.  Once I disabled Apple Watch and only use Touch ID, it works.

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Hi @SebastionSimon

Could you please confirm if you tried the troubleshooting steps I shared in my post in this forum? If not, do try them and share your findings with me. If the issue persists, kindly share the requested information along with a screenshot of any error occurring and I'll gladly get this checked for you.

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