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First Beta of Enpass 6 for macOS is out!

Guest Vikram Dabas

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3 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

Hi @fermati 

The next beta is already in the QA phase and will be available very soon. (Hopefully within this week)

I'm afraid that you'd have to wait till the final release to come up.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for the info Anshu kumar!

Good news about the next beta. Looking forward to experiment with it.

Yeah, too bad about the Safari extension. We'll wait.

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18 hours ago, Anshu kumar said:

It would be a great help if you can share the URL of the websites so that we can try to fix soon.

For login pages, please see the following two sites:

(both https, but the forum refuses to let me post when the protocol is included.)

Both are in Chinese only, unfortunately. The first looks pretty standard (email address/password), but 1Password never gets it and can only fill the first field. Enpass 6 beta does nothing on this page.

The 2nd one is tricky, as it employs a 4-field security design: 1) account no., 2) user code, 3) password and 4) a 4-digit verification code. The last one is different each time and has to be entered by hand. As to the first 3, only Bitwarden can fill them correctly so far, all others (I've tried many) fail.

Other problematic pages are mostly form-filling pages (for personal or credit card info, etc.), and are probably more difficult to solve. I'll be happy enough if you could get Enpass to fill the above two properly. Thanks!

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