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Beta version from Windows 10 Store

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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hi All,

Actually, the beta versions of Enpass for Windows Store app and Edge extension are distributed through PackageFlight, and it will available as an update to existing Enpass app from the Windows Store. So, if you’re not a part of the Beta program then you can join it here. Also, while subscribing the beta for Windows 10 please provide your Microsoft Account ID (E-mail).

Apart from this, the beta versions are free and will not prompt you to pay for the Premium features.

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I am seeing this message when attempting to launch the (enpass 6)chrome extension now that I have the store version of enpass 6 installed:

Note: I get the same message when enpass 6 is unlocked, I just did not want to take a screenshot with the manager unlocked.

If I install an old extension I get this:

How do I get around this? Is there a (newer) beta version of the enpass 6 chrome extension as well that I am unaware of?



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In my case it was a registry key that disallowed to install/update the beta of enpass:

You can check:


If set to 0, package flight updates are not available for you. After setting this to 1 the beta was found and installed.

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